TRAXPayroll Payroll Software Review

Rating: 5.9 / 10 (Average)
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How is TRAXPayroll rated?
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TRAXPayroll is an online payroll software that promises to automate and simplify the payroll process. It gives you access to all this information anywhere, anytime by making it available online. With TRAXPayroll, you are able to make direct deposits between checking, saving or debit cards.




Tax Filing

  • Manage tax filing requirements
  • Calculate, deposit and file Local, State and Federal Taxes
  • Accepts electronic and standard payments
  • View, print and access to forms and payments
  • Verifies tax returns, edit checks on payroll processing
  • Automated notifications for data validity issues
  • Tax accounts balanced electronically daily


Direct Deposits

  • Free deposits between personal checking, savings or debit cards
  • Unlimited number of employee accounts


Workers compensation

401k Contribution reporting

Hourly benefit tracking


Management reporting

General ledger

New hire reporting



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Support Services

Support hotline

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Summary - TRAXPayroll

TRAXPayroll offers some of the basic features that we would like to see in a payroll software but sadly lacks in terms of the detailed services it provides under each feature. Good enough for small businesses switching to a new payroll system but companies with bigger needs should consider other providers with more robust features.


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