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Rating: 8.4 / 10 (Excellent)
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Quicken loans is one of the country’s leaders in online mortgages. It offers homeowners searching for mortgage refinancing an easy online portal when applying for a loan. Other home loan services include home equity, FHA and VA loans and reverse mortgages. Its mortgage refinance service allows homeowners to lower monthly mortgage payments or even pay their mortgage quicker. This can be done by switching from their current mortgage plan with Quicken Loans.     

Types of Home Refinance Mortgages

  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages

Other home loan options

  • Refinance with HARP
  • Home equity
  • Debt consolidation
  • FHA streamline refinance
  • VA loans
  • Reverse mortgage


Qualifying for Mortgage Refinance


Credit Score


Income to Debt Ratio

50% or more

Years Employed

2 years

Loan Terms

Up to 30 years



Refinance Mortgage Rates



Rate/ APR

Closing Costs


Monthly Costs

30 Year FRM

3.99%/ 4.243%




15 Year FRM

3.625%/ 3.565%




7 Year ARM

3.75%/ 3.684%




Mortgage rates are for a home with a current market value of $300,000 and a balance of $150,000.

640 credit score or better.

Why Mortgage Refinance at Quicken Loans

Quicken Loans does not only offer mortgage refinancing services but also gives homeowners a variety of home loan options. Part of its services include home equity loans, reverse mortgages, FHA and VA loans. Quicken Loans’ mortgage refinance service lets you lower your mortgage payments and even lets you pay your mortgage faster. Mortgage calculators makes it easy for you to get a quick quote online. With mortgage rates competitively priced and a variety of home loan programs, Quicken Loans is an good choice for mortgage refinancing shoppers.

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New York, New York
I'm definitely not pleased with Quicken Mortgage. I already have a Mortgage with Quicken and I inquired about a refinance and they want to charge me astronomical fees to refinance over 8000.00 are you kidding me. I'm so disappointed after that I will be shopping for a new Mortgage. I'm insulted I have never made a late payment and my credit score is excellent why should I have to pay so much .Thx Quicken

Knoxville, Tennessee
First, I initiated the process on-line and then got a call from Quicken Loans. The first thing the rep wanted in my social security number. Sorry, ain't gonna happen. You called me and I can't verify who you are. Next, after I gave the rep some basic financial info and mortgage situation, he refused to quote me any numbers so I could do a reasonable comparison BEFORE going through the entire application process. I just wanted the rate for my credit score (that I just checked two days before) for a fixed, no point loan. The rep would not provide any numbers. I hung up.

Seth B
Colorado Springs, Colorado
No homes for sale in my area. Every time a home is listed it's under contract within a week at full price. Quicken's appraiser was in my home for less than 10 mins. He decided to use non-comparable homes because Quicken requires all comps to be 6 months old or less, That was more valuable even though there were 3 exact matches sold in the last year in my neighborhood? Values are not dropping! Deal didn't work with the older, lower end homes the appraiser picked as the appraisal came in $100K below what homes have sold for here and they wanted me to pay mortgage insurance again..... I was charged for the bad appraisal and they were quite inflexible about remedies. Bad experience. We parted... Read More

Frances R
My experience with them has been terrible. One hand doesn't know what the other is doing. Paperwork has to be resubmitted and surprise bills keep popping up. I love my house but wish I had a reliable mortgage company!

Deanna G
I was referred by Quicken loans to one of their companies called OneReverseMortgage after filling out a loan application. OneReverseMortgage has found a way for me to payoff the remainder of my mortgage, pay off all my financial obligations, stay in my home and even leave my home to my loved ones when I pass. I thought bankruptcy was my only option. I lost my husband and managed my obligations until what was left of my husbands life insurance was exhausted. If you are struggling to make ends meet I would highly recommend Quicken Loans. They will help you find a way to financial freedom with a program that suits your needs. Not only that, their highly trained staff that I have encountered... Read More

Ed H
Billings, Montana
Slowest mortgage company I have ever used. Took almost 2 months. I was denied the loan after the appraisal came in 60,000 less that it appraised 2 years ago. I never felt as if they really wanted my business since I already have my loans through them. I guess I was just another number. Thanks for wasting my time.

mark f
Sandpoint, Idaho
I just finished a loan process with Quicken Loan. They have an excellent system in place, and their people are knowledgeable professional. That said, it was a waste of time. I went through the entire loan process, which took exactly 3 months. I was fairly timely in getting requested information. Everything seemed to be working well, with all requirements being met,right up until two days before final signing. Then, for some unknown reason, Quicken decided to ignore the professional appraisal ( I had no say in who the appraiser was ), and reduce my home value by 45%. The result was that they reduced the loan amount by $ 149,000, and they increased the discount fee by 500%. The... Read More

Reston, Virginia
extremely not organized. every few days they asked for new document, despite my telling them to please to be organized. also, not friendly to talk to. Even though we did not go with the loan, they did not refund my early deposit, which should've been refundable.

William S
Los Angeles, California
LOOK ELSEWHERE! I had a horrible experience with Quicken Loans. Don't trust what they say because they're either lying or they don't know! I have 7+ redisclosure doc's (breakdown of the loan-estimated). They went from 1.875% origination fee up to 2.5% and then they screw you on the "fees". I was told an appraisal would cost $450 which I had to pay upfront. After looking at their redisclosure, I agreed and paid the $500. The very last redisclosure shows appraisal fee of $795! I paid a $500 deposit for the $450 appraisal and LOST IT. YOU CAN'T USE AN APPRAISAL AT ANY OTHER BANK. So make sure you want to deal with them first! Then I tried to "work" with them and got screwed further!... Read More

Charles C
Baltimore, Maryland
Quicken Loans is a rip off... charged me $350 on a ref and further wanted building structure report and fee+fee+fee. Refiled with another company and no problems.

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