Compare Bay Alarm Medical vs. GreatCall Medical Alerts

What’s the difference between Bay Alarm Medical Alert and GreatCall Medical Alert? See how our editors compare the two companies below.
Last Updated: December 06, 2017
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Bay Alarm Medical Alert
9.6 / 10 - Excellent
#1 in Medical Alerts
GreatCall Medical Alert
8.9 / 10 - Excellent
#6 in Medical Alerts

Key Facts

  • Black Friday Sale Has Started! $19.95/ Month. No Long-Term Contract or Hidden Fees.
  • Most Popular Choice - A+ Rating with BBB
  • Special pricing for AARP and USAA members
  • 30 Day Risk-Free Trial
  • FREE Equipment, Activation, and Gift!
  • 1,000 ft. Range, Waterproof Pendant & 36-hr Battery Life.
  • Landline, Cellular, and GPS with Automatic Fall Detection
  • USA-based and UL Certified 24/7 Monitoring Centers
  • Starts as Low as $19.99/mo
  • Unlimited Range with GPS Technology
  • Mobile, Waterproof, 1-button Medical Alert
  • Free shipping, No landline required
  • No Contracts or Installation Fees
  • Fall Detection and Device Replacement
  • Use Promo Code: GCJB010 after you input your credit card at the very end for 10% off!


 Bay Alarm MedicalGreatCall
Contract & Price9/1010/10

Equipment Comparison

 Bay Alarm MedicalGreatCall
System Types
In-Home Landline
In-Home Cellular
Help Button Option
Help Button Range
1,000 ft.
Base Station Backup Battery
32 hours
Mobile/GPS Battery Life
72 hours

Key Features

 Bay Alarm MedicalGreatCall
Wearable 2-Way Communication
Waterproof Help Button
Automatic Fall Detection
Supports Multiple Help Buttons

Additional Info

 Bay Alarm MedicalGreatCall
Cellular Provider Options
Equipment Warranty
Lifetime Warranty on Help Button; 1 Year Warranty on Mobile/GPS unit
Product Replacement guarantee. GreatCall replaces devices when it is stolen, lost or broken.

Monitoring Differences

 Bay Alarm MedicalGreatCall
Monitoring Options
Professionally Monitored
Professionally Monitored
Monitoring Center Type
Number of Monitoring Centers
24/7 Monitoring
Emergency Dispatch
Multilingual Staff
24/7 Monitoring
Emergency Dispatch
Non-Emergency Dispatch

Contract & Price Comparison

Starting Prices

 Bay Alarm MedicalGreatCall
Free Monitoring for Additional Person

Contract & Fees

 Bay Alarm MedicalGreatCall
Contract Required?
Activation/ Installation Fee
Equipment Fees
$49 for GPS Mobile Help Button waived when you select semi-annual, No Initial Equipment fees for in-home and in-home cellular
Free Trial Period
14 days
Cancellation Policy
They don’t have any cancellation fees, please note that there are no refunds or pro-rata for unused months
No cancellation fees. Activation fee, first month service charge, cost of device, applicable taxes are refunded within 30 days of date of purchase.

Reputation & Professional Certifications

Professional Certifications

Bay Alarm Medical
  • Underwriter's Laboratory (UL)
  • The Monitoring Association (TMA/CSAA)

Additional Ratings

 Bay Alarm MedicalGreatCall
TrustPilot Rating
8.8 out of 10
BBB Rating
BBB Postive Reviews
BBB Neutral Reviews
BBB Negative Reviews
Date Collected

Contact & Additional Information

 Bay Alarm MedicalGreatCall
Homepage URL
Headquarters Address
2600 Stanwell Dr #103, Concord, CA, 94520
10935 Vista Sorrento Pkwy #200, San Diego, CA, 92130
Mailing Address
2600 Stanwell Dr #103, Concord, CA, 94520
10935 Vista Sorrento Pkwy #200, San Diego, CA, 92130
Year Founded

Final Verdict

Bay Alarm Medical Alert has a higher overall rating than GreatCall Medical Alert. Bay Alarm Medical scores better than GreatCall across: Equipment, Coverage, Maintenance & Repairs, Monitoring, Service Agreements, and Reputation. However, GreatCall scores better on Contract & Price.

Customer Comments & Reviews

Roger K
Brunswick, Ohio
Bay Alarm Medical Alert review
Very quick to alarming by technicians. We've had several accidental hitting the alarm. They confirmed that everyone was well after receiving the alarm. Asked us our names and address and that everything was alright told us to set our alarms off if we're ever in need of help. Great service, highly recommended !!

Phoenix, Arizona
Bay Alarm Medical Alert review
Response time was fast.Operators were courteous. Price for mobile system too high compared to other medical alert available.Mobile unit too heavy. Other firms offer more update technology at a lower price. See Life Station who offers a lightweight,waterproof pendant with GPS, WIFI and voice control in a smaller pendant for only $32 ,mo(discount price) with free shipping ,no activation fee and no long term contract.

Frances R
Mesa, Arizona
GreatCall Medical Alert review
I have had the old version for a number of years and have used it once. Was so pleased with the response. I have stepped on it a couple of times by accident and still such a quick response. Was so excited to get the wearable as I was wearing the old one on my wrist and it was heavy and not very attractive but cannot stand the ones around your neck. I realize some folks do not have a smart phone so that may be their best option. And the cost if half the price per month. thanks for coming up with an alternative. Fances Rang Chenoweth.

Delon F
Rochester, Indiana
GreatCall Medical Alert review
Great idea. In use is questionable. We just took a 3 day trip out of state,yet the weekly report shows we were out and about for 19 hours. Wife wears it every day yet it usually reports less than 6 days use. It is on the charger EVERY night for at least 8 hours yet a couple times a month it turns off from low battery after about 11-12 hours of being on.

Jean H
Richmond, Virginia
GreatCall Medical Alert review
I've had a 'Great Call' device for going on years now. I must be a frequent caller - seems like I fall - getting off the toilet or getting in my wheelchair - at least once a month. Besides getting stuck in the mud while wheeling around my yard or walking my dog. When I call 911 myself (one of Great Call's options), there is always an argument on whether I live in the city or county. I'm in tears before they finally agree I'm in the city. When I use my Great Call people - THEY get it straight - and the 911 people show up where I am.! Since I do walk my dogs, I *must* have a device that works everywhere. (Sometimes I drive to a park before unloading the wheelchair and the dog.) I've been extremely pleased with Great Call's service.

Freehold, New Jersey
Bay Alarm Medical Alert review
I have just recently submitted a review

Robert M
Lowell, Massachusetts
GreatCall Medical Alert review
Got great call on advice of sister booker and cousin RN . Luv it.

Tony E
Chicago, Illinois
Bay Alarm Medical Alert review
Great system