Trusted ID Identity Theft Protection Review

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Trusted ID Review

Trusted ID has all of the standard features that are acknowledged in the industry as must haves for personal identity protection. Services offered cover protecting and saving your personal information, real time monitoring and alerts to resolving any problems due to unauthorized access or when your information is compromised.


What does it protect?

ID Essentials

3 Bureau Credit monitoring

3 Bureau Credit report

3 Bureau Credit score

Credit Card and SSN, Address, Bank Account scanning

Lost Wallet Protection

Fraud alerts

Medical benefits protection

Junk mail reduction

$1 million limited warranty




Monitoring Yes         
Fraud Alerts Yes
Credit Freeze Gives assistance
Reimbursement Insurance Yes up to $1 million
Resolution Gives assistance
Restoration Gives assistance




Lost Wallet stores your valuable data and constantly monitors if these has been compromised
Credit card fraud gives assistance in cancelling credit cards
Alerts immediately notifies you when unusual activity is detected
Security scans monitors all activities and assess if your personal identity is at risk
Social media checks your social media profiles and gives suggestions for keeping them secure
Junk mail protection protects you from fraudulent emails which may content spam or malware
Credit monitoring 3 bureau credit monitors
Black market monitoring checks known sites where personal information is sold or traded
Reporting receive updates on your risk profile
Medical benefits protection protects your medical benefits from unauthorized access
Anti-virus/ spyware install spyware software on multiple computers
Family protection lets your family members enjoy the same level of protection
Recovery specialists easy access to professionals to help you with recovering and restoring your data


*** Trusted ID comes with a CreditLock and DoubleCheck feature. This is quite effective in protecting against fraud. Trusted ID does not only inform you when your personal identity has been compromised but also helps in the process of resolving the issue and preventing this from happening in the future. Personal identity theft protection also comes with a $1 million guarantee which is great for recovering any cost, legal expenses or lost wages costs as a result of any shortcomings in its service.   




Trusted ID Essentials Family Individual
Monthly $27.99 per month $14.99 per month
Annual $240 per year $125 per year


Customer Reviews

The Better Business Bureau has awarded Trusted ID an A+ rating which makes them a company you can trust in terms of good customer service. BBB was able to monitor some of these complaints and the company was able to resolve each issue satisfactorily.


Bottom Line

Trusted ID lets you extend personal identity theft for your family through an affordable fixed plan option. While another company only makes this available for their children through an additional plan, Trusted ID’s offer makes this a bargain.  


Latest Reviews

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Portland, Oregon
Trusted ID Identity Theft Protection review
I had this service for many years and was always satisfied with their service. I was signed up for their family plan and was billed annually. I had fraudulent charges on my card and was issued a new one, but the updated card info hadn't been updated in time for my annual charge and they cancelled my service. No notification that there was an issue with payment or anything, just botice my accounts we cancelled. This notice was sent aftet their service center closed for the day so I couldn't contact anyone until the following morning. I called as soon as they opened and they told me they wouldn't reopen my account and I'd have to open an new one and re submit all my personal information for my entire family. It seems like a company providing this type of service would understand that cards get hacked and need o be replaced. I was willing and able to provide payment I just wasn't aware of an issue with the card information at the time. The agents didn't care and weren't in the least bit interested in keeping me as a client. I'll never to business with this company again.

Laurie M
Blue Jay, California
Trusted ID Identity Theft Protection review
I have had this company since 2012, recently had to update my credit card information and they took it out of my checking account 10 times, instead of one time? I tried to call to talk to their billing department, but went through three agents that only offered me their apology, they said there was no one in the billing department I could talk to, they would send a report to the billing department and I will hear back in 7 to 10 days. In the mean time 280.00 is getting charged to my checking account. I asked if they would reimburse me for any charges that the bank would charge me for NSF charges, and they said I would have to negotiate that with the bank????, When I told them I was disappointed in their service, and that I was going to find a new company, they said they understood, but there was nothing they can do until the billing company could look over the problem, a problem they created. This is a company that is supposed to stop this kind of problem, not be the one causing the problem. As soon as I get my money back, I'm finding a different company! Never received any helpful suggestions to any of the identity problem when I called to talk to someone on the phone. A half a star was too much.