Norton Identity Protection Review

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Norton Identity Protection Elite, developed by Symantec Corporation provides monitoring, alerts and restoration services. It monitors up to 84 pieces of personal information and provides alerts in case of any suspicious activity involving your identity. In the unfortunate case that your identity is compromised, Norton Identity Protection Elite gives you access to its U.S.-based team of identity restoration experts.

Seventy-eight of the personal identifiers Norton Identity Protection monitors have to do with cyber monitoring. These include bank accounts, credit/debit card numbers, phone numbers, driver's license, home addresses, email addresses, medical IDs, passport numbers, SSN, international ID, IBANs, private label cards, and maiden name. The other 6 identifiers can be added as additional monitoring services and they include date of birth, legal name, and social media accounts login information.

What Does It Protect?

  • Credit Card Monitoring/Alerts
  • Sex Offender Registry Reports
  • Social Security Number Trace
  • Personal Identifies Monitored
  • Cyber Monitoring (Black Market Website Surveillance)
  • Address Change Verification
  • Data Breach Notifications
  • Payday Loan Monitoring
  • Data Breach Notifications
  • Court/Criminal records Monitoring
  • Social Media/Privacy Monitoring
  • 84 Personal Identifiers Monitored




Fraud Alerts


Credit Freeze

Gives Assistance

Reimbursement Insurance

Yes up to $1 Million


Gives Assistance


Gives Assistance


Norton Identity Protection Elite offers 24/7 monitoring over tens of thousands of black market forums where illegal trading of stolen identities take place. It monitors sensitive personal information such as credit cards, social security number, bank accounts, medical IDs and social media monitoring. Aside from its security and monitoring services it also allows clients to track their credit scores, credit inquiry alerts and annual credit report to help them identify important changes on their credit profile. Norton Identity Protection Elite also comes with $1 million theft insurance coverage which reimburses clients for costs and expenses incurred associated with restoring their personal identity.

Social Security Trace

Notifies customers of new addresses and aliases using their number.

Social Media Monitoring

Gives privacy warning regarding a user’s media activity.

Lost Wallet Protection

Cancels and re-orders lost items from medical cards to credit cards.

Address Change Verification

Allows customers of any changes in address requests linked to their identity.

Court Records Monitoring

Alerts a customer if a criminal act is reported using their identity.

Payday Loans Monitoring

Tracks fraudulent non-credit loans so customers can take immediate action.

Sex Offender Reports

Gives awareness of registered offenders near you.

Bank Account Takeover Monitoring

Gives notification of any suspicious changes to a customer’s account

Monthly Credit Score Tracking, Credit Inquiry Alerts, and Annual Credit Report

Alerts customers of important changes to their credit as well as permits them to see how their credit is trending over time.

Credit Card Application Monitoring

Tells customers if their information is used to apply for a new card.

Cyber Monitoring

Catches personal data on the black market online.


Norton Identity Protection Elite costs $199.99 a year per person. They offer a 60-day trial program which is backed with a money back guarantee.

Bottom Line

Norton Identity Protection Elite is an all-around performer because it does not only offer excellent personal identification protection but also helps clients with the difficult process of restoring their personal identity. It certainly hits all the spots in our review, with its monitoring services covering all areas from social media accounts to bank accounts and other personal data. With its $1 million identity theft insurance guarantee for qualifying costs and team of identity theft restoration experts, clients are assured that help will be there in the unfortunate case that their personal identity is compromised.

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