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Personal Trainer Food is a home delivery service based in Fort Worth, Texas. The company focuses on delivering weight loss food to help individuals meet their weight loss goals through its trend-setting food plans. Personal Trainer Food provides well-crafted meals that feature real meat, vegetable, nuts, and eggs. Over 800 different meal combinations with 28 breakfasts, 56 lunch and dinner entrees per shipment are offered to consumers through their menu plans. Personal Trainer Food has also been featured in multiple magazines and shows including Bravo, Food Network, Forbes, CBC News, Fox News, Lifetime, Men’s Journal and more.

Services and Features

Personal Trainer Food offers 28 days of Paleo meals which starts at $11 a day. This weight loss meal plan is used by more than 2,500 personal trainers and their clients all throughout USA. They provide over 800 different meal combinations with 28 breakfasts, 56 lunch and dinner entrees per delivery. The company delivers fresh frozen and individually packaged pre-cooked meals which not only bring healthy food but also convenience right at the consumer’s doorstep.

Their process enables customers to replace the wrong food in their routine with the right and healthy foods available in their menu plans. Foods from their menu plan are not only easy to but also fit their client’s weight goals and lifestyle. Personal Trainer Food provides Guidelines to Success that helps consumers start building simple routines. This also includes healthy eating instructions for their customer’s chosen plan, easy daily exercises, and supplementary information that will help boost results.

From Day 1 to 7 is the period of transition from processed food to whole foods. Consumers will experience sugar withdrawals and is recommended to walk 2,000 steps a day. Energy increases from day 8 to 14 and the body will be undergoing detox from processed foods. This period is called the “Fat Burning Mode”. Customers can expect weight drop at day 15 to 21 where they will also begin to understand the whole process with their body, mind, and emotions.


Custom Meal Plans

Vegetarian Options

Allergy Options

Diabetes Program

Gluten-Free Options

High-Fiber Options

Exercise Plans

Free Diet Analysis

Recommended Food Substitutions

Interactive and Tracking Tools

Daily Tracker

Weight Tracker

Mobile App

Shopping List Tool

Fitness Tracker

Food Log

BMI Calculator

Nutrition Intake

Fitness and Diet Guides

Portion-Control Guides

Eating Out Guide

Lifestyle Tips

Clinical Research

Exercise Tips

Plans and Pricing

Free Trial

Price Per Month

Starts at $149

Free Shipping

Money Back Guarantee

Applies only to 28-day meal plans

Customer Support

Dietitians and Consultants



Knowledge Base


Live Chat

Menu Plans Offered

REV! Rapid Weight Loss Women’s Program

Price: $199 per delivery (Less than $14 a day)


  • Daily email support
  • 1-on1 weight loss coaching
  • Water bottle
  • Tape measure
  • Lunch kit
  • Weekly weight loss calls
  • 14 Breakfasts (1 omelette & protein)
  • 14 Lunches (1 vegetable & protein)
  • 14 dinners (2 vegetables)

2 Meals a Day

Price: $149 every delivery (Less than $11 a day)


  • 14 or 28-day meal plan
  • Email support
  • Weight loss coaching
  • 14 lunches (1 vegetable and 1 protein)
  • 14 dinners (1 vegetable and 1 protein)

3 Meals a Day

Price: $179 per delivery (Less than $12 a day)


  • 14 or 28-day meal plan
  • Email support
  • Weight loss coaching
  • 14 breakfasts (1 omelette and protein)
  • 14 lunches ( 1 vegetables and 1 protein)
  • 14 dinners (1 vegetable and 1 protein)

Build Your Own Meal Plan

Price: $189 per delivery (Less than $13 a day)


  • Choose from 140 items from the company’s menu
  • Email support
  • Weight loss coaching
  • Breakfast
  • Protein Entrees
  • Vegetables
  • Snacks

Diet Plans at Personal Trainer Food

Personal Trainer Food gives the convenience of ordering highly specialized diet plans for weight loss.  The company offers a broad range of menu plan options that includes customized diet plans for consumers who would like to create their own food combinations. Included in their services are email support and weight loss coaching that will assist consumers with their diet concerns. The company also provides free ground shipping through FedEx and a money back guarantee for their 28-day meal plans.




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  • Free Shipping via FedEx Ground
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  • Featured on Men’s Journal, Bravo, HGTV, Shape, Fox News, Food Network, Forbes, and more