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Paleo Plan offers kitchen-tested and easy-to-prepare recipes outlined every week for customers to choose from. The company provides meal plans that includes shopping lists and recipes that will help consumers have all the food they need to make it. All recipes presented by Paleo Plan are grain-free, legume-free, vegetable oil-free, gluten-free, and dairy free with bonus “Flex” menu each week. Weekly at-home bodyweight workouts that are designed by fitness experts are also rendered by Paleo Plan at their website.

Services and Features

Paleo Plan provides food list that consist of easy-to-cook Paleo recipes and shopping lists for consumers to consider. Their Paleo diet laid out the entire menu for consumers that include eating meats, fish, vegetables, fruits, specific fats, seeds, and nuts. This omits the intake of soy, dairy, grains, refined sugar, beans, and certain vegetable oil.

At their website, the company has shown in details all of the foods that their customers should eat and those that they should avoid. Food items that should be eaten in moderation are also provided for customers to use as a guide.

Paleo diet allows consumers to achieve optimal health with weekly meal plans, hundreds of recipes, and effective bodyweight workouts that they can all do at the comfort of their own home. Meal plans are sent directly at their customer’s inbox with quick guide about eating the Paleo way. Their eBook covers 6 weeks of free meal plans available for new members. Weekly at-home workouts that are personally designed by their fitness expert are also given provided to each member.

Their weekly Paleo plan covers 3 meals a day plus an additional snack. Each meal is kitchen-tested and is easy-to-prepare which are created by their resident Paleo chef and nutrition therapist. There’s also a bonus “Flex” menu that incorporates one cheat day each week for those individuals that wants to have a little space in their diet.


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Paleo Meal Plans

  • One month for $9.99
  • 6 months for $49
  • 12 months for $89
  • 14-day no risk free trial
  • 100% money back guarantee

Paleo Fit and Paleo Meal Plans

  • Monthly for $15
  • 6 months for $75
  • 12 months for $140
  • 14-day no risk free trial
  • 100% money back guarantee

Diet Plans at Paleo Plan

Paleo Plan provides strict Paleo diet that gives consumers a list of what to and not to eat all throughout their program. Their diet plan gives consumers weekly workouts and recipes which they can all do at the convenience of their own home. A “Flex” menu is also given to consumers for them to have still have a little space to enjoy some foods while they’re on their diet.

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