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Rating: 9.1 / 10 (Excellent)
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Heartwood and Oak Wine Merchants offers a wide selection of red and white wines and wine packs. The wine club has three wine selections to choose from; Red, White, and Mixed Selections. Customers can join the wine club for free and wine selections come with a double guarantee. Each wine club offers 14 premium wines with an introductory price of $89.99.

Years in Business


Membership Programs

  • Red Selections
  • White Selections
  • Mixed Selections


Introductory Price


Regular Price

$149.95 ($12.49 per bottle)

How does it work?

Joining Heartwood and Oak wine club entitles members to receive their choice of wine selection regularly directly to their doorstep. Members could select from three wine selections; Red wine, White wine, and mixed selections. Each selection contains 15 premium wines and comes with free shipping. Heartwood and Oak wines are retailed for up to $39.99 per bottle with wine selections that include 2014 Parlement Bordeaux Blanc and 2014 Bear Hug Barrel Select Cabernet Sauvignon.

The company offers free membership and consumers can change their wine preference anytime. Members can also skip a shipment or cancel their monthly delivery without additional cost or penalty.


The company offers free shipping for the first 12 weeks. Every 12 weeks thereafter, members can receive 12 bottles of wine with an additional $19.95 per shipping.

 Heartwood and Oak Wine Club Reviews

At $89.99 for 14 premium wines, Heartwood and Oak Wine Club is definitely a great bargain. Free membership, cancel anytime, double guarantee and the ability to change wine preference anytime makes it a safe choice for first time wine club members.

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9 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Dallas, Texas
I have been buying Heartwood and Oak wines for about 2 years now. They send special offers through email and, when I need wine, I order. There's no pressure. I get whites and roses and have enjoyed them. Some, of course, are better than others. They pay the shipping cost and the wines arrive promptly. Once, they shipped a couple reds by mistake when I pointed it out to them they told me to keep the reds and then shipped the correct bottles of white wine at no cost. Their customer service people were very nice and accommodating. I will continue to do business with Heartwood and Oak.

Dallas, Texas
I am not sure why people are unhappy. We love Heartwood and Oak! I always order all reds and we have enjoyed all the different wines we received. Yes some are better than others but I have never had one bottle I didn't drink! I have never considered returning or complaining about a bottle. Maybe I am just not a wine snob😎

Phyllis M
Milford, Connecticut
I have had excellent service with Heartwood & Oak. I take advantage of their specials and have been pleased with their selection of wines, but then, I'm not a wine snob so if you are used to high end wines, these probably are not for you. You can go on their website and see write-ups of each of the wines they have, some of which change with availability. I always receive my delivery within a few days of ordering (I'm on the east coast). What I also like is that this is NOT a wine club and you do NOT receive additional orders each month unless you specifically request to be part of their club. I choose not to and only order when I wish or there is a special running that I want to take... Read More

Stephanie P
Burbank, California
I purchased 2 groupons as Christmas gifts. The print on the groupon stated 3 months worth of wine. You don't actually get 3 shipments you get 2 with 6 bottles each and you have to pay for shipping on top of what you already paid for the groupon. You must cancel your order immediately after your 2nd shipment or you will be charged $80 for another shipment that will be sent automatically. The Christmas gifts that I purchased are now costing me another $80 per person. This is very poor business practice and deceitful.

Heather M
Washington, District of Columbia
DO NOT USE. I received a groupon voucher as a birthday present for one month of wine. When i went to redeem the voucher and place my order, I realized shipping costs were not included in the voucher. I was forced to create an account and supply my credit card information to handle shipping costs. The next month while looking at my bank statement, I realized they had charged me over $60 for a second month. I did not authorize any recurring costs or sign up for any monthly wine clubs/promotions. What a scam and deceitful business practice. I've spent all morning trying to contact their customer service, which seems to be impossible. A hassle that I don't need. The wine isn't even that great... Read More

Herb W
Natick, Massachusetts
Do NOT waste your money. Wines are good as cooking wines only. Tasteless and poor quality. Never responded to my Money Back guarantee... lame!

Montclair, New Jersey
Not very nice customer service. Company made a mistake with shipment....did nothing to try to fix it and the two workers I talked to were the opposite of apologetic. Won't do business with them in the future.

Livonia, New York
We could not be more happy than to do business with Heartwood and Oak! Everyone wants to make sure you are well taken care of! Thank you, A J

Seth D
O'Fallon, Missouri
They use deceptive advertizing. Do not believe the four extra bottles if you double your order. This is a lie, and if you call to complain, you will receive no response. Emails are not answered. Really unhappy with this company.

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9.1 / 10
  • Enjoy 15 Expertly Selected Wines for only $89.99
  • Free shipping
  • Choose from 3 wine packages
  • Cancel anytime
  • Comes with double guarantee
  • Free membership
  • Change your wine preference anytime