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Rating: 9.6 / 10 (Excellent)
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HomeAdvisor is an online home improvement marketplace founded in December 1998. The website connects homeowners with local professionals offering home improvement, remodeling projects, and maintenance services. Registered contractors at HomeAdvisor are all pre-screened and passed criminal and financial background checks.

Types of Walk-In Tubs

HomeAdvisor is comprised of walk-in tub providers and installation professionals that offer different types of walk-in tubs and services.  HomeAdvisor’s network of local providers offers an extensive selection from basic to luxurious walk-in tubs.

Wheelchair-Accessible Tubs


Bariatric Tub


Aero Therapy Tub


Soaker Tub


Hydrotherapy Tub


Combination Walk-In Tubs


Walk-In Tub Features

HomeAdvisor gives consumers a wide selection of walk-in tub carriers to choose from. HomeAdvisor offers consumers the opportunity to select a walk-in tub that comes with the feature they are searching for.

Low Entry Set-Up


Heated Back Rest


Water Jets


Air Jets


Hand-Held Shower Head


Grab Bars


Tile Flange Water Barrier


Extension Panel


Quick Drain/Auto Drain


Ozone Cleaning System


Neck Rest


Mold Resistant Gel-Coat


Anti-Slip Tub Floor and Seat


Therapeutic Features

Each walk-in tub comes with its own set of built-in therapeutic features. Consumers searching for specific walk-in tub features could also request this as an add-on from HomeAdvisor’s professionals. Depending on the need of a consumer, the carrier of their choice can either customize or offer them ready-made walk-in tubs with the therapeutic feature requested.







Aerobath Therapy


Customer Support

Most of HomeAdvisor’s professionals offer free in-home consultation to determine the size of the bathroom and the walk-in tub to be installed. For general inquiries, customers can connect with HomeAdvisor’s local service providers through their toll-free phone number. 

Free In-Home Consultation








Final Thoughts on HomeAdvisor Walk-In Tubs

HomeAdvisor offers consumes a quick and hassle-free way to connect with the nearest local providers and installers in their area. Their free matching service enables customers to receive up to 4 quotes from local pre-screened professionals. The platform is also equipped with multiple resources including True Cost Guide where clients view local and national cost data as well as real costs from real home projects.

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9.6 / 10
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