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Rating: 9.2 / 10 (Excellent)
#8 in VA Loans
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Patriot Home Mortgage offers mortgage products which include conventional, construction, USDA, jumbo, reverse, FHA, Harp and VA loans. Patriot Home Mortgage offers a pre-approved VA loan program specifically for veterans with no down payment needed. Patriot Home Mortgage offers veterans quick and easy VA financing with fast pre-approval and help from expert mortgage consultants.   

Services and Features  

Patriot Home Mortgage designed a VA Loan Program specifically for veterans and their home financing needs. The company offers a streamlined refinance, VA purchase and cash out refinance process to help veterans process their loans quickly. Patriot Home Mortgage VA Loan rates vary on the desired loan amount, loan type and credit score.

The VA loan lets borrowers purchase their preferred home with no down payment. The company provides pre-approved VA Loans in just a few minutes. Patriot Home Mortgage allows their client to borrow up to 100% home’s appraised value. Expert mortgage consultants from the company discuss and break down every cost to help clients reach their financial goals. The company gives free no obligation consultation to their future and existing clients.

Streamline IRRRL does not require a borrower's income or asset documentation. Clients provide only a few pieces of information needed to process your loan. The company will contact the borrower as soon as they get the application.

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The lender will gather information about the borrower’s debts and income. A determination will be made as how much the borrower can pay for a house. Every VA loan program can offer different valuations.   


Mortgage Rates will vary based the program you choose. The company offers different fees, points and rates per programs. Patriot mortgage professionals help the borrower in recommending suitable mortgage programs and evaluating  their situation for financial guidance.

VA Loans at Patriot Home Mortgage    

Patriot Home Mortgage offers a streamlined application process that makes qualifying for a VA loan fast and easy. With a no down payment option, and the ability to provide borrowers with loans of up to 100% of the home’s appraised value with no appraisal fee, customers will find Patriot Home Mortgage an attractive option as opposed to standard home loans with down payment requirements.

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