Lendgo VA Loans Review

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Lendgo is an online platform for connecting borrowers to their network of lenders, offering mortgages, VA loans, and refinancing. They provide a variety of calculators and guides to help their customers make educated choices. Lendgo was founded in 2009 in California, and has an A+ score with the BBB.

Lendgo is an online marketplace that offers VA Loans for purchasing new homes or refinancing your current mortgage. Services include providing mortgage guides that assist users when selecting the right mortgage plan. Users can even get free quotes from different lenders in less than 2 minutes through their online application form.

Services and Features

Lendgo is a free online matching service that helps consumers find the right loan terms without having to apply to different lenders. It helps borrowers get multiple quotes from different lenders in a simple online application form.  It then connects consumers to the different lenders giving them the option of selecting the best loan terms. Rates start for as low as 2.6% or 2.89% APR for both refinance and new home purchase.

Lendgo has mortgage guide sections which educates users about fees, processing, and how mortgages work. It serves as the website’s educational center for consumers who are new to mortgage loans, and who might be unsure of what type of mortgage loan to look for. Other helpful tips for personal debt, money, and credit repair are also available at Lendgo’s website.

Types of Home





Mortgage Options Offered

VA Loans

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

FHA Loans

Jumbo Loans

HARP Loans

Mortgage Related Fees

Appraisal Fee

Origination Fee

Credit Report

Closing Fee

Private Mortgage Insurance

Inspection Fee


  • Needs Certificate of Eligibility
  • Must meet specific service requirements
  • Must have sufficient income
  • Must be one of the eligible personnel: Surviving Spouses, Military Reservists, Veterans, and Active-Duty Military Personnel
  • Must have good credit rating

      *Other requirements may be asked by the client’s chosen lender


Each company affiliated with Lendgo offers different interest rates and may vary depending on the term or type of loan a client is applying for. Lenders also base their rates on the borrower’s credit score and their property value. Other factors that may affect the interest rates  include income details, history of bankruptcy or foreclosure, and interest rates offered by state.

VA Loans at Lendgo

Lendgo makes searching for VA Loans a breeze with its online marketplace. It offers a free online matching service that helps consumers get information about the different VA loan options in minutes. Getting multiple quotes from different lenders empowers consumers by letting them select from competing lenders for the best loan terms.

Top Rated
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10 / 10
  • Easier qualification compared to conventional loans
  • Quick, easy application process
  • Get the best rates by letting banks compete for your business
  • Calculate what you can afford with VA Loan Calculator
  • Free personalized mortgage rates in minutes

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