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iHelp is an institution supported by the Independent Community Bankers of America and administered by the Student Loan Finance Corporation. The company offers student loan programs that are funded by a chain of community banks to help students cover the cost of education.

Loan Service Category

Loan matching service

Services and Features

iHelp’s services provides student with flexible repayment options without any application or origination fees required. The company allows customers to get a free pre-approval loan request that is quick and easy to apply online.

The institution only offers customers with variable rates that are based upon the three-month London Interbank Offered Rate. LIBOR is used as a benchmark for global bank rates. Borrowers may be granted with a 0.3% interest reduction for those who will be qualified for the LIBOR + 7.50% interest rate.

iHelp has three repayment options provided for their student borrowers while they are still attending school. These options are defer payments until a borrower graduated, interest only payments, and principal and interest payments. In the event that a customer has suffered financial difficulties, a deferment and forbearance option may be offered for those individuals who qualify.

Loan Rates Offered

Fixed Rate

Variable Rate

Types of Student Loans

Federal Student Loans

Private Student Loans

Student Loan Details

Minimum Loan Amount


Maximum Loan Amount

Undergraduate: $100,000

Graduate: $150,000

Loan Term Period

Up to 20 years


Variable rate: 3.18% APR to 7.82% APR


Online Application

College Scholarship Search

Student Loan Calculator

Application Process Time

A few minutes

Other Loan Related Fees

Origination Fee

Loan Application Fee

Late Fee

Help and Support

Live Chat





  • The student or co-signer must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • Both the student and the co-signer must be of legal age in their state of residency
  • Must be a enrolled at least half-time at an iHelp eligible school
  • The student or co-signer must be able to provide at least 3 years of good credit history and meet other creditworthy requirements
  • The co-signer must not exceed the debt to income threshold of 45%
  • The student or co-signer must have an annual income of $18,000 or greater for the past 2 years

*Please take note that additional criteria may be required by iHelp


For iHelp Private Student Student Loan

Variable Interest Rate

Monthly Payment


Lowest Beginning Rate = 3.25%

(LIBOR + 2.50%)

$64.67 (239 Months)

$64.15 (Final 1 Month)


Highest Beginning Rate = 8.25%

(LIBOR + 7.50%)

$115.50 (239 Months)

$115.20 (Final 1 Month)


*Details are based on the assumption of: $10,000 loan amount, 20 years repayment term, single disbursement, and 4 years in school plus 6 months grace period

Variable Rates:

LIBOR + 2.50% (3.18% APR)

LIBOR + 5.50% (6.00%APR)

LIBOR + 7.50% (7.82% APR)

No origination and repayment fee for student loan.

Student Loans at iHelp

iHelp helps education more affordable by assisting students get access to student loans with competitive rates.


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