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Rating: 8.5 / 10 (Excellent)
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Stannah offers a broad range of fully flexible and customizable stairlifts which fits the individual needs of people with limited mobility, pulmonary vascular issues, and seniors. The company distributes various lifting products and allows their customers across the globe experience safety and freedom in their own home.

Services and Features

Stannah offers a broad range of stairlifts that fits any type of staircase whether it’s wide, curved, straight, or narrow. They give their customers a feeling of safety, freedom, and independence in their own home. The company also relies on skilled technicians to provide quality delivery and installation to every residential or commercial structure.

The company has five options for straight and curved stairlifts which are Sienna, Starla, Scout, Otdoor, and Sadler. Sienna stairlift suits all indoor staircases which havebenefits such as longer armrests, comfort for narrow staircases, and easy folding. It has battery time of up to 20 hours and safety features like manual or powered swivel seat, ergonomic seatbelt, large footrest, on and off switch, and obstruction detection technology. Customers can choose to customize their Sienna stairlift according to their design preferences.

Starla is the company’s premium stairlift which comes with fully upholstered or wood trim options. It has a battery lifespan of three to five years that trickle-charge when the product is not in use. Starla also has built-in safety features such as seat load sensor, foldaway footrest, controls, and user-friendly seat belts.

Stannah’s Scout stairlift is a type of lift that is best suited in straight staircases. It has ergonomic hand controls, center clasp seatbelts, and full-sized seat that allow users to move safely around their home. It’s the company’s most affordable stairlift that has quality vinyl design and basic safety features. It is also equipped with over-speed governor to ensure customers that their lift is always operating at the right speed.

The chairlift manufacturer also has a stairlift that is specifically designed for outdoor use. The Outdoor 320 gives customers access outside their homes which comes with a lockable protective cover and is designed for both hot and cold weather. The outdoor stairlift also has safety features such as swivel seat, obstruction detection technology, reliable seat belt, and security locks included in the product.

Stannah has a uniquely designed stairlift for users with limited flexibility that bends to their needs and is suitable for curved and straight staircases which is Sadler. The stairlift has features including non-slip seat, immobilizer seat belt, parks off stairs, seat assistance, and stand-up chair.

Types of Stairlifts Offered

Straight Stairlifts

Curved Stairlifts

Outdoor Stairlifts

Features and Components

Swivel Ability

Safety Sensors

Seat Locks

Safety Belts

Key Switch

Padded Seat and Backrest

Battery Isolation Switch

Adjustable Seat Height

Hand-Held Controller

Call or Send Controls

Automatic Hinged Track

Powered Stand-Up Seat

Fold-Up Seat, Arms & Footrest

Arm Controls

Stand Perch Seat

Upholstery Color Choice

Slide Track

Diagnostic Digital Display

Repair and Installation Services

24-Hour Repair Service

Free Staircase Assessment

Next Day Installation

Professional Installation

Help & Support

Free In-House Consultation




Plans and Pricing


Maximum Capacity




300 lbs.

Contact company for details

Contact company for details


350 lbs.

Contact company for details

Contact company for details


300 lbs.

Contact company for details

Contact company for details

Outdoor 320

300 lbs.

Contact company for details

Contact company for details


300 lbs.

Contact company for details

Contact company for details


Not Stated

Return Period

Not Stated

Stairlifts at Stannah

It’s no surprise that Stannah is a top-rated stairlift provider across the globe because of its contemporary designed products and quality service. Consumers are assured to receive professional service and value-worth stairlifts with Stannah.

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Richard C
Jacksonville, Florida
Really, what is the harm or foul in providing the manufacturer warranty and/or any Stannah (price involved) additional options? It would benefit the comparison process without the (often) painful process of obtaining the information via a "phone call". Shame on you Stannah!

Top Rated
9.5 / 10
  • Tight Curved Staircase Solution
  • Ergonomically-Designed Seat Features
  • Customizable Stair lifts
  • Heavy duty stair lift with up to 600 lbs. weight capacity
  • 2-year warranty on standard stair lifts