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Handicare Stair Lifts Review

Rating: 8.8 / 10 (Excellent)
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Handicare is an ISO accredited company that offers solutions to help elderly and disabled individuals regain their independence. The company is a proud sponsor of the Association of Safe Patient Handling Professional which provides patient safe handling and patient mobility products.

Services and Features

Handicare offers solutions to make disabled and elderly individuals’ everyday life easier. The company ensure their customers of quality and safety that’s why their products are accredited by ISO and other industries.

The stair lift provider has a range of straight, curved, and outdoor stair lifts that tailors the needs of their clients. Handicare also provides a non-intrusive stair lift assessment that will help customers in choosing the right lift for them. They conduct a staircase photo survey using the company’s photographic systems for a quick and easy staircase assessment.

Handicare also offers safe, cost-effective, and stylish products with their straight stair lifts. Customers can choose from Handicare’s Simplicity, Simplicity Plus, 1000, 1000 XL, 1000 XXL, and 1000 Outdoor whichever suits their needs. They also have a list of curved stair lifts which are Vermeer, Handicare Van Gogh, 2000, Rembrandt, and 2000 Outdoor. All of their curved stair lifts are made to order following a survey of their client’s staircase.

Handicare’s Simplicity Stair lift series has a continuous charge feature even when it is in use. It is compatible with slide track and manual hinge systems and has a manually operated seat swivel. The Simplicity Plus stair lift has a Smart seat and is available in six stylish colors.

Handicare 1000 has a slim straight stair lift track and is supplied with optional powered options such as foldable footrest and swivel ability. It is also available for outdoor use which is supplied with UV protected upholstery and waterproof cover to keep it ready for any type of weather.

The company has an option of features available for their customers to choose from. Some of these features are swivel functions, hinged track, body harness, foldable stair lifts, and slide track. They also provide battery back-ups to their customers in case of power outage. These functions allow users to have a convenient and easy operating experience with their stair lifts.

Types of Stair lifts Offered

Straight Stair lifts

Curved Stair lifts

Outdoor Stair lifts

Features and Components

Swivel Ability

Safety Sensors

Seat Locks

Safety Belts

Key Switch

Padded Seat and Backrest

Battery Isolation Switch

Adjustable Seat Height

Hand-Held Controller

Call or Send Controls

Automatic Hinged Track

Powered Stand-Up Seat

Fold-Up Seat, Arms & Footrest

Arm Controls

Stand Perch Seat

Upholstery Color Choice

Slide Track

Diagnostic Digital Display

Repair and Installation Services

24-Hour Repair Service

Free Staircase Assessment

Next Day Installation

Professional Installation

Help & Support

Free In-House Consultation





Plans and Pricing


Maximum Capacity




310 lbs.

2 years

Contact company for details

Simplicity Plus

310 lbs.

2 years

Contact company for details


300 lbs.

2 years

Contact company for details

1000 XL

350 lbs.

2 years

Contact company for details

1000 XXL

440 lbs.

2 years

Contact company for details

1000 Outdoor

302 lbs.

2 years

Contact company for details


275 lbs.

2 years

Contact company for details


302 lbs.

2 years

Contact company for details

Van Gogh

275 lbs.

2 years

Contact company for details


275 lbs.

2 years

Contact company for details


Not Stated

Return Period

Not Stated

Stair lifts at Handicare

Handicare is good choice for straight, curved, and outdoor stair lifts. With their ISO 14001 and 9001 certified stair lifts, customers are assured to experience quality and feature-packed products that comform with world standards. 

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Top Rated
9.5 / 10
  • Tight Curved Staircase Solution
  • Ergonomically-Designed Seat Features
  • Customizable Stair lifts
  • Heavy duty stair lift with up to 600 lbs. weight capacity
  • 2-year warranty on standard stair lifts