Solar at Home Solar Energy Review

Rating: 8.7 / 10 (Excellent)
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Solar At Home by Intelligent Media Group helps consumers search for solar energy installers in their area. It helps consumers get free quotes by letting them fill out a simple online form. Solar At Home also helps consumers find available rebates and even lease panels with a zero down payment. Solar at Home is not an installer or vendor of energy products.

Services and Features

Solar At Home offers consumers access to a network of solar panel installers. By answering a few simple questions, consumers can instantly be redirected to a list of installers in their area. Information required on the online form includes customer’s address, 5-digit zip code, property type and email address.

Solar At Home also helps consumers find available rebates of up to 30% in Federal Tax Credit. Consumers can also lease panels with as little as zero down payment.

Kinds of Roofs





Payment Preferences

Solar Loans



Solar Lease


System Warranty

Roof Warranty

Performance Guarantee

Monitoring System

Help, Support & Usability

Online Quotation

24-hour telephone hotline

Online Account

Live Chat

Mobile App



Plan Details

Plan Details

Upfront Fee

Maintenance Cost


Installation Process

2-5 days

Solar Generation Systems

Solar Roofing Systems

Power Purchase Agreement

20 years

Leasing Agreement

20 years

Contract Length

20 years

Privacy Policy

*Based on SunRun plan details

Solar Energy at Solar At Home

Solar At Home gives consumers a great way to save on their electricity bills. Its online service makes searching for a solar energy installer convenient with its simple online form. With rebates and lower energy costs by switching to solar energy, consumers cut their home’s electricity costs while helping save the environment.


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  • Our #1 Choice to Cut Your Power Company Bill by Up to 50%
  • Get free quotes by filling out a simple online request form
  • No obligation to buy
  • Free solar consultation - Little or $0 Down
  • Available 24/7
  • Maximize Government Rebates & Incentives

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