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Rating: 9.0 / 10 (Excellent)
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Modernize is an online resource for homeowners searching for home improvement projects. It matches homeowners with its network of industry leading contractors to help them with their home improvement ideas. Modernize Solar helps homeowners searching for solar energy services connect with solar energy contractors in their area. It provides an online search platform and free estimates of how much their project is going to cost with their Solar Calculator. By submitting a search query, homeowners can get up to 4 calls from different contractors.

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Modernize enables homeowners from across the country connect with its list of industry leading solar energy contractors in their area. Its network of contractors are highly specialized in providing energy-efficient home improvement services including roofing replacement and repair, HVAC solutions, energy-efficient windows, and residential solar.

More than connecting homeowners with solar energy contractors, Modernize also educates consumers about the different advantages of switching to solar energy with its online resources. By using Modernize’s online search platform, homeowners are able to find matching contractors that are best equipped to meet their individual needs.

Additional features include a Solar Calculator that lets homeowners get a quick estimate of how much their solar energy project is going to cost them. It allows consumers to know the cost for their solar without needing to contact a contractor. Modernize also assists homeowners get in touch with contractors once they are ready to discuss their project.

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Solar Energy at Modernize

Modernize Solar is a great place to go when searching for solar energy contractors and services. Its online search process makes quick work of finding industry leading contractors in your area. Modernize’s online resources helps educate consumers helping them make more informed decisions. It also helps homeowners get the best deal possible by enabling them to select the best deal from different competing contractors.



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