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Rating: 8.6 / 10 (Excellent)
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Started in 1999, Build Direct was founded to make shopping for home improvement products and services faster and easier. It helps connects consumers with home industry contractors and services with its online marketplace. Part of its services includes information on Clean Energy solutions. Build Direct give you a convenient option when shopping for clean energy services and equipment. It offers complete clean energy systems designed to reduce energy consumption.   

Features and Services

Build Direct offers environmental friendly products for clean energy. The company has a wide variety of premium quality systems to lessen energy consumption. Build Direct offers different types of clean energy systems that include Hybrid, Marine, RVs, Grid-Tie and Off-Grid.

Typical Photovoltaic System are exceptionally reliable and can run for years. Energy contractors usually include a product guarantee with a set warranty period. Homeowners are advised to hire a licensed electrician to install PV system on your home to avoid DIY complicated installation.

Build Direct offers a full range of PV system components. It covers monitors, meters, power optimizer, batteries, racking systems, cables and inverters. These items are used to convert direct current from solar panels into alternating current used by household appliances.  

Build Direct Hybrid Solar System maintains a battery-based grid tie inverter that connects to local utility grid in case of power failure. While Marine and RVs are travel-savvy systems are for sturdy plating, a good choice for sustainable adventurer.

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Solar Energy at Build Direct                                                              

Build Direct is an excellent source of clean energy contractors and equipment. It offers the latest in clean energy technology at the best prices. Build Direct also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee on all their products which can be reassuring since installing a clean energy system can be a considerable investment. Overall, a good company that combines convenience, great products and competitive prices.

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