Nav Small Business Loans Review

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Nav is a company that offers business owners a free, modern approach to handling their business credit. It streamlines access to business loans and credit cards through its network of leading lenders. Nav’s MatchFactor technology automatically ranks each funding option and provides a score based on the applicant’s approval odds and suitability. Nav also provides tools for building business credit to increase their chances of qualifying for a business loan. Other services include simplified and personalized credit reports, 24/7 credit monitoring and ID theft protection.

Features and Services

Nav Inc. offers a more personal approach with its loan matching services. The company matches lenders to qualified borrowers based on their credit profile. Nav also filters a client’s funding needs when searching for an appropriate lender.

Nav offers transparent financing options based on your profile, business and personal credit reports, providing insights written in plain English. The company also provides tools for building your credit profile, round-the-clock ID theft protection, credit monitoring and alerts.

The company has partnered itself with leading lenders to provide borrowers more direct access to these lenders and provide more detailed information about the different business loan options available. Clients can also schedule a call with the company’s lending and credit specialist for tips, advices and guidelines

Borrowers may process their application to different lenders through Nav’s website. By filtering client information such as credit score, loan amount, funding speed, financing type, APR and financing needs, Nav is able to provide a more customized business loan solution.

Plan Details

Loan Amount


Loan Terms

Depends on selected lender

Interest Rates

Depends on selected lender

Fixed Interest Rates

Depends on selected lender

Variable Interest Rates

Depends on selected lender

Down Payment

Depends on selected lender

Loan Fees

Closing Cost

Depends on selected lender


Depends on selected lender

Other Fees

Depends on selected lender

Prepayment Penalty

Depends on selected lender

Loan Application

Online Application

Personal Credit Profile

Business Credit Profile

Approval Time

Depends on selected lender

Local Branches

Available Nationwide

Application Time

Depends on selected lender

Mobile App


U.S. Citizen


Good Credit


Years in Business

Not Required

Qualified even with bad credit


Help and Support Services


Email Support

24 Hour Telephone Support

Live Chat


Small Business Loans at Nav

Nav provides a more complete approach to small business loans. It does not only offer borrowers multiple loan options with its network of lenders but more importantly gives businesses help in building their credit profile. Which makes it easier for business to qualify for future loans. Credit monitoring and reports along with ID theft protection are just some of the services which makes Nav a better option for businesses searching for business loans.

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