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Rating: 8.2 / 10 (Excellent)
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GloryStar is a faith-based satellite service with more than 70 TV and radio stations. The company offers dishes, mounts, commercial equipment, receivers, satellite packages, system upgrades and installation supplies.   

Services and Features

GloryStar provides religious channels that include Hope channels, Daystar, LLBN TV, Word Network, Gods Learning channel, Emmanuel TV, Walk TV, Dare to Dream and church channel. The company also consists of Christian Television network, GCN TV, Angel TV, JCTV and more.

GloryStar offers one room high definition DVR System for $199. It has no monthly or subscription fee and comes with free one-year warranty. The company also provides package for two-room and three-room HD system for an additional $100 for every HD system.

This satellite TV provider offers Dish Set GEOSATpro 90 cm for $79 plus standard shipping fee of $49.50. GloryStar also has a 2-room HDVR3500 System that lets client to record and view TV with 64GB capacity that is approximately 64 hours of standard definition recording.  

Services and Features

Watch Anywhere

HD Channels

Parental Control

Foreign Language Channels

Free Installation

Live Recording

Sports Channel Bundle


Maximum standard definition show storage

64 hours

Maximum high definition show storage 

Not Stated


HD Receivers

Standard Receivers

DVR Receivers

Channels Available

Standard Channel


Videos on Demand

Premium Networks

Business Channels

Local Channels

Plan and Pricing

Free Trial

Number of Channels


Agreement Period

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Price per month

$199 (One-time payment)

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Live Chat



Satellite TV at GloryStar

GloryStar is a perfect fit for families looking for faith-based channels and TV shows. However, this might come as a disappointment for consumers searching for mainstream entertainment channels.   

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