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#1 in Pet Sitting is a website that connects pet parents with loving, local dog sitters. It’s the country’s largest network of dog lovers for hire, with over 25,000 pet sitters nationwide who can easily be accessed online. Services offered by pet sitters include dog hosting (the sitter watches the dog in their home), dog sitting (the sitter watches the dog in the owner’s home), dog walking, and dog daycare. also offers premium insurance, 24/7 support, and a reservation guarantee, at no extra cost.


Availability: (Nationwide)

Pet Sitter Rates

$25 per day average


Payment options

Credit card (Visa, MasterCard)



Pet Sitting Location

Pet Hosting (In the Owner's Home)

Pet Hosting (In the Sitter’s Home)


Pet services

Dog boarding

Day care

Pet sitting

Dog walking



Setting an appointment

Self-Service: Online

Search sitters, send messages, book and pay, all through Rover.

Full-service: Telephone

Call Rover Premier, and a consultant will handle the details, matching pet parents with the best sitter to meet their needs.


Pet Insurance – Included with all services

Universal insurance coverage for stays and services booked on Rover


Medical coverage


$250 deductible per claim


General liability (Bodily injury and property damage)

$2,000,000 per occurrence

$3,000,000 general aggregate

No deductible


Professional liability

$1,000,000 per occurrence

$1,000,000 general aggregate

No deductible


Fine Print

Limited one-time refund

Requests for refunds should be sent within 48 hours of the end of your pet’s stay. This excludes any fees payable to Pet Care Service Providers. In cases where determines that a Pet Care Service Provider violated policies in connection with a service, may provide pet owners a refund of all fees charged by

Identity and Background Verification does not attempt to confirm any user’s purported identity or background. Users are responsible for providing true, accurate, current and complete information about themselves. Users are advised to maintain and update any information so it remains true, accurate and complete at all times. offers optional background checks through a partnership with First Advantage that verifies that a sitter has not committed a felony or violent crime, such that there would be reason to believe that animals would be in danger while in their care. does not investigate any user’s reputation, conduct, morality, criminal background or verify information submitted though the services.


If you book a reservation with a sitter, then you have to cancel your reservation, which does happen, will return the funds to the pet owner in accordance with the sitter's cancellation policy. Policies may vary from sitter-to-sitter., however, isn't obligated to intervene in any dispute between users regarding any cancellations and/or refunds outside of cancellation policy (if any), regardless of whether collected any money on behalf of a pet care service provider or third party service provider. It's really about you knowing how the sitter you choose operates, then being respectful with your sitter in the event that an unforeseen emergency comes up or your travel plans change last minute. Summary is an excellent gateway for pet parents searching for pet-sitting services. Its nationwide network of over 25,000 loving pet sitters makes it the most extensive online database of its kind. It’s easy-to-use messaging system and secure payment portal allows pet parents to find, book, and pay for a sitter—and remain in touch throughout the stay. offers premium pet insurance which includes medical coverage, general, and professional liability, giving pet parents an extra layer of protection. With, loving neighborhood sitters are backed by the support and security of a nationwide company. Overall, is a robust yet simple tool for helping pet parents connect seamlessly with pet-sitting services.


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Martha Canto Emma
San Marcos, California Pet Sitting review
I hired a sitter for my shy dog. The sitter's page stated she only took two dogs at a time, not including hers. I took my dog to her house for the initial "meet and greet", where she informed she would have 3 dogs altogether during my dog's stay. I decided this wouldn't be so bad since my dog needed socialization anyway. When I arrived at her house for.a five day stay, she had a garage sale going g o. In front of her house, she also had two kids under 8 in the house with 3 dogs. When we came in I e of the dogs attacked mine and that's when we decided no way. That's also where I determined that Rover doesn't check on their sitters background or conduct safety checks. That was it for me. I took my dog out of the house and told the sitter we wouldn't be staying.

Michael Lashford
San Francisco, California Pet Sitting review
1) We contracted a Rover sitter to conduct daily checkins for our new puppy—to let her out to pee during the middle of the workday—before she was fully vaccinated and we could start her with daily group dog walks. 2) Brianna was nice and seemed great during her interview so we began service with her. 3) Everything seemed fine at first until we started noticing clues that she wasn’t actually coming some days of the week as agree and as paid. We thought surely not, who would leave a puppy cooped up and unable to be let out all day? 4) After enough peculiar things we set a simple trap and came home to find she had not come that day like she said she had, and was taking our money anyway. We immediately terminated service with her. 5) We contacted Rover to eject her from the Rover system to prevent her bad caregiving to other customers, and asked for a full refund. 6) Within 24 hours our puppy had symptoms of a urinary tract infection which was later confirmed and treated by our vet after multiple visits (and bills). 7) We were passed between multiple Rover “customer service” reps and asked us to try to settle the “issue” with Brianna directly. 8) We said we would not be doing that, and that Rover should take action along with the photographic proof and statement we’d taken. 9) We asked to be compensated for the times we could only presume our puppy was locked up all day and for our $500 vet bill. Rover covered us for some of the time our caregiver had lied to us but since we didn’t get back to them in time with a written doctor’s note from our vet, they claim their insurance company would not cover our claim. 10) Our Rover takeaways include one lying contractor, one mistreated and slightly abused puppy, one horrible customer service experience after another and one large vet bill that we were stuck paying. While we are certain this will not be the experience for everyone, the fact that this company so mismanaged our claim and was unwilling to do the right thing in the end to make it right—considering they represented this horrible caregiver—leads us to conclude this is not a company responsible enough to watch out for the well-being and safety of our pets.

Patti Griswald
Rutherford, New Jersey Pet Sitting review
I was in a bind as my dog sitter cancelled last minute and a friend told me about Rover. Not only was I able to sign up quickly, but I was able to find a great dog sitter to help me out before I left for vacation. What a lifesaver this website is. So happy to have found it!

Susan R
Lakeland, Florida Pet Sitting review
I had originally had a decent experience, so I thought, until I got home! My 3 puppies, who were housebroken started pooping uncontrollably. The ended up with round worms from the sitters dogs. I reported it immediately and they wouldn't cover costs or refund. They told me it was preventable care. When I provided proof that my dogs had been on preventative care and asked for proof that they ensured their sitters pets had care, theyou then said they might consider insuring after a $500 deductible! I decided to look up the sitters full name, since they don't disclose it, boy was that a can of worms! I clarified with that they did do criminal checks. They said yes, then I hit them with the sitters local rap sheet... drugs, prostitution, murder (yes, murder charges in drug bust), theft, etc... that was just one County! She had lived in 3 in this state, in 3 other states and abroad. I looked up all this on public records and discovered 4 aliases! I reported all the info to them a few days ago as I noticed she had supposedly just dog sat for another client, somehow from the jail cell she's been sitting in since her arrest 5 days after I picked up my pups... and yes she's still in jail and if you go on their site now, even with all that info, you can still hire "her"... from jail apparently... smh

Nancy J. Pet Sitting review
PET SITTER LYNNE W. aka LYNNE WEISMAN or LYNNE WIESMAN IS A CROOK! Please note that this sitter uses several name variations online including Lynne G. on We made last-minute dog sitting reservations with Lynne via Prior to making these arrangements we had exchanged just a few short messages. We were asked to submit payment in full to confirm the reservation. Lynne ignored us for a full 8 hours after we submitted the payment, which resulted in our decision to cancel our booking. We simply did not have a good feeling about leaving our dogs with this woman. Lynn's so called cancellation policy is without a clause for last-minute reservations or same-day cancellations. When I asked her for clarification she replied with, "Not sure I understand your question. The timing of the reservation doesn't really impact a cancellation." Lynne flat out refused to give us our money back. Beyond sending a few text messages, she did absolutely no work, yet has taken over $150 of my hard earned money. I called customer service to remedy the situation. The associate apologized and claimed that their sitters are usually more understanding. In retrospect, I'm thankful that I didn't leave my dogs with her. I would look for a licensed and bonded dog sitter elsewhere. These are not professionals.