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Learn more. is a website that connects pet parents with loving, local dog sitters. It’s the country’s largest network of dog lovers for hire, with over 25,000 pet sitters nationwide who can easily be accessed online. Services offered by pet sitters include dog hosting (the sitter watches the dog in their home), dog sitting (the sitter watches the dog in the owner’s home), dog walking, and dog daycare. also offers premium insurance, 24/7 support, and a reservation guarantee, at no extra cost.


Availability: (Nationwide)

Pet Sitter Rates

$25 per day average


Payment options

Credit card (Visa, MasterCard)



Pet Sitting Location

Pet Hosting (In the Owner's Home)

Pet Hosting (In the Sitter’s Home)


Pet services

Dog boarding

Day care

Pet sitting

Dog walking



Setting an appointment

Self-Service: Online

Search sitters, send messages, book and pay, all through Rover.

Full-service: Telephone

Call Rover Premier, and a consultant will handle the details, matching pet parents with the best sitter to meet their needs.


Pet Insurance – Included with all services

Universal insurance coverage for stays and services booked on Rover


Medical coverage


$250 deductible per claim


General liability (Bodily injury and property damage)

$2,000,000 per occurrence

$3,000,000 general aggregate

No deductible


Professional liability

$1,000,000 per occurrence

$1,000,000 general aggregate

No deductible


Fine Print

Limited one-time refund

Requests for refunds should be sent within 48 hours of the end of your pet’s stay. This excludes any fees payable to Pet Care Service Providers. In cases where determines that a Pet Care Service Provider violated policies in connection with a service, may provide pet owners a refund of all fees charged by

Identity and Background Verification does not attempt to confirm any user’s purported identity or background. Users are responsible for providing true, accurate, current and complete information about themselves. Users are advised to maintain and update any information so it remains true, accurate and complete at all times. offers optional background checks through a partnership with First Advantage that verifies that a sitter has not committed a felony or violent crime, such that there would be reason to believe that animals would be in danger while in their care. does not investigate any user’s reputation, conduct, morality, criminal background or verify information submitted though the services.


If you book a reservation with a sitter, then you have to cancel your reservation, which does happen, will return the funds to the pet owner in accordance with the sitter's cancellation policy. Policies may vary from sitter-to-sitter., however, isn't obligated to intervene in any dispute between users regarding any cancellations and/or refunds outside of cancellation policy (if any), regardless of whether collected any money on behalf of a pet care service provider or third party service provider. It's really about you knowing how the sitter you choose operates, then being respectful with your sitter in the event that an unforeseen emergency comes up or your travel plans change last minute. Summary is an excellent gateway for pet parents searching for pet-sitting services. Its nationwide network of over 25,000 loving pet sitters makes it the most extensive online database of its kind. It’s easy-to-use messaging system and secure payment portal allows pet parents to find, book, and pay for a sitter—and remain in touch throughout the stay. offers premium pet insurance which includes medical coverage, general, and professional liability, giving pet parents an extra layer of protection. With, loving neighborhood sitters are backed by the support and security of a nationwide company. Overall, is a robust yet simple tool for helping pet parents connect seamlessly with pet-sitting services.


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26 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Arlington, Massachusetts
We had a Rover sitter at our home over the holidays. The house was a complete disaster when we came home. The dresser was full of clothes and pills that the sitter did not remove from the house. The floors were covered in dried pee, along with pee soaked sheets left sitting in the washing machine. The dogs had peed on the kitchen floor, where we keep them when they are unattended. Clearly, this sitter left our dogs having to pee and poop without letting them out. We suspect they had been alone most of the time. The pills found were opiates, and a letter with the person's real name exposed a very troubled individual who had been arrested in the past. DO NOT let your fur babies be... Read More

Sarah S
Bountiful, Utah
I really try not to complain or give bad reviews. But after a few weeks of this stewing in my head, I decided I have to warn other doggie parents. Ever used the dog watching/walking app I would suggest you dont or you stop. I found a sitter that I really, really liked. I booked her multiple times on the app. However, the last time my dogs were there, my poor Monty was bit by another dog. On the eye. This is in NO way the sitters fault. After taking Monty to the doggie ER because his eye was bleeding, they said the bite went through all three eyelids and were concerned that it hit his cornea. However, due to the extremely bad infection they couldnt tell until that was taken... Read More

Donna B
Biloxi, Mississippi
Donna Benard 13 hrs · Biloxi · So very random but BEWARE because I just used to get a sitter and here's my experience. Just say no. I know this is long but y'all should be aware. Rover is ignorant once they are paid. They tried telling me their sitters are independent contractors but reality is I paid Rover and they took 20% of this job so my contract is with them not the contractor. I warned them this would be posted. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Donna Benard Dec 1, 1:40 AM PST I already called you when I was away based on what I was seeing through my home cameras. This first question to all sitters I did meet and greets with (8-10) was I needed... Read More

Chloe S
St Louis, Missouri
Avoid this service at ALL COSTS. Our 14 week old puppy was nearly killed by a Rover sitter (Caroline S. in St. Louis) who left him unattended for 10+ hours and starved him of BOTH food and water. Our brand new $1100 sofa was covered in his vomit, diarrhea, and urine (as was the puppy himself). We caught the Rover sitter in numerous lies and discovered evidence that during the time she was in our house, she consumed alcohol and did not care for our animal whatsoever. Rover's reply? That they are not liable and they have ALSO not suspended the sitter so she is currently putting other animals in danger as I type. Absolutely Disgusting. I cannot even explain the emotional stress and anxiety... Read More

Susan A
Bellingham, Washington
WARNING!! If you use ROVER.COM this can happen to you! I booked a dog sitter from to stay with my dog when I took a 5 day trip. I met the sitter first. She seemed nice and my dog liked her. I scheduled and paid for this service three months in advance. I gave her a key to my home. I even stocked food for her stay, making every effort to ensure her comfort. I bought my round trip plane ticket and awaited the arrival of the sitter. She NEVER SHOWED UP. She failed to answer any of my calls and failed to respond to any of my texts. My plane took off without me. I called every boarding facility I could to find a last minute arrangement and finally found one, thankfully, and then I... Read More

Duncan G
Los Angeles, California
I had a large pit bull attack my Golden Retriever at a park, walking my dog on the leash. It turns out the pit was being walking by two Rover dog walkers. The dog bite my dog, the walkers had no control of the dog once it started attacking my dog, lost the grasp of the leash and only stopped when a Good Samaritan came and kicked the pits head heard to release the grip. I only found out they were Rover walkers when I confronted them. They told me they were only dog walkers using Rover and took no responsibility. When I followed up with Rover, they cited privacy policy, took no responsibility and allowed the the dog walkers to continue to walk the dogs. The dog that bite my dog had only just... Read More

Eric J
Lafayette, Colorado
It is with genuine concern we feel obligated to share our personal experience of the website of miss O Connell as she says she provides excellent care of older dogs. What we experienced with her of our older dog was very concerning as we approached our departure date and her attitude not to listen to our specific direction of a few meds as well as feeding him properly. and needed routine of not being alone. She choose to do her own thing and expressed her retail job was priority. We were devastated and really was considering to cancel our family trip. trust us we regret we did not do so, Her communication was poor her follow thru was terrible. We actually out of concern had to set up... Read More

Wilmington, North Carolina
I've been working for Rover since the beginning of this year, and have had issues the entire time. Rover takes way too much from both the client and the pet sitter. I essentially did 2 dog walks for free, when it was my time, gas, and work that earned that money. They claim it's for their 24/7 service fee, but I have yet to ever need to contact them while caring for a pet. And if there was an actual emergency, I would definitely contact an emergency vet and their owners before even considering contacting Rover. They are unhelpful and do no care about the clients or the sitters. Would not recommend Rover to anyone. In fact, I'd recommend you not use Rover for any needs. As a sitter, you... Read More

Robin C
Harbor City, California
Mary B did an amazing job with my lab. Olive had such a great time there and some amazing walks along the way. I would highly recommend Mary with your pets! She sends lots of pics throughout the day too!

Tiffany C
Corona, California
8/23/2017 This was the worst experience I have ever had! We usually board our dog with a private sitter while on vacation. This person has no business being a dog sitter. Her home is completely unfit for animals. The entire property is covered in trash and debris. The inside of her home is covered in trash, urine and dog feces. There was no air conditioning (it's in Las Vegas!!!). She had 10 dogs in a one bedroom one story apartment. When I dropped off my dog she was at the curb and seemed so nice. It was dark. We were in a hurry, I didn't think about it. I must have caught her off guard when I came to pick up because I came to the door and actually had to come inside to get my dog. The... Read More

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  • Over 25,000 pet sitters nationwide
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  • Sitter background checks
  • On-call veterinary assistance
  • Daily photo updates of your pet via free mobile app (IOS & Android)