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Pet Medical Insurance

Sam NiccollsApr 15, 2014

We all know the importance of getting coverage for unexpected emergencies. And one of the most important things is protecting our family from medical emergencies by using health insurance. With more and more pets finding homes in American homes, protecting our four-legged friends has also become a priority. Pet medical insurance in particular provides this much needed coverage. It extends the same type of protection to our furry family members.

The cost of health care has continued through the years and this is a fact that is mirrored in the rising cost of pet care. Sadly, pets are not immune from chronic diseases or accidents just like their two-legged counterparts. Keeping our pets healthy is becoming more expensive and this includes routine examinations.

Before we go deeper into the benefits of pet medical insurance we must first understand that this only provides coverage for cats and dogs. It does not include coverage for livestock (cattle, cows and sheep) and other animals. This should not be confused with other types of insurance that gives coverage for farms and livestock.

Another thing that we should know is that pet insurance is not liability insurance. This does not cover injuries sustained due to dog bites. Pet medical insurance is simply coverage for medical injuries, diseases, examinations and accidents.

Pet medical insurance have two basic options. The first is a base plan that provides coverage for medical illnesses, accidents or injuries. Another option is coverage for regular checkups and all major expenses. Some pet insurance companies offer wellness plans that specialize in providing discounts for routine care. There are even pet medical insurance plans that offer the same coverage for alternative treatments such as pet acupuncture.

Just like any type of insurance policy the quality of coverage depends on its premium. Pet medical insurance policy pays out a maximum amount for a specific type of illness or a total amount for all medical expenses incurred.  

Just remember that pet and human health insurance is very similar. Pet medical insurance just like its human counterpart almost never cover a pre-existing medical condition. Your pet’s age will also be a major factor in determining the amount of premium to be paid. Getting your pet enrolled as early as possible ensures that you get the best deal while making sure that they are always on top of their health. And if any illness is diagnosed, your pet could be given the best treatment possible.