Pet Insurance Alternatives

Sam NiccollsMar 10, 2015

If your pet is older, already has pre-existing conditions or if you just aren’t sure Pet Insurance is right for you, there are alternatives to Pet Insurance that are worth considering.

Start a Savings Account

One alternative to Pet Insurance is setting up a rainy day pet care fund. The downside to this option is not knowing how much you’ll need to cover the costs of your vet bill or when you’ll need it. It’s entirely possible that you may not have enough time to save up the money necessary for your pet’s treatment, but then again, you may never need it.

You could always go with saving money-in-a-coffee-can or a hide-it-under-the-bed savings options.  However, we recommend opening a Personal Savings Account with a bank because then you’ll be earning interest on your savings.

Additionally, there is also Pawsitive Savings, a company that offers a Pet Health Savings Accounts. Pawsitive Savings works with The Farmers Bank of Spencer Iowa, a FDIC insured bank, to set up Savings accounts specifically for Pet Health Care. Your Pawsitive savings account, just like a personal savings account, will earn you interest. Additionally, new clients will receive a personalized ATM/Debit card for your account and receive a number of discounts relating to your pet. There is a $50 enrollment fee at sign up.

Take out Credit

Another option is to designate a personal credit card for any emergency pet care costs that you may face. The benefit to this option is to be able to spread the cost out over time. This may be a good option for people who may not have had enough time to save up for the cost of pet insurance.

There are also financing programs like CareCredit, Citi Health Card, or Chase Health Advance, which can be used both people and pet health care costs.  These programs work like credit cards and will require you to have good credit before you are approved. Additionally, these companies may tempt potential customers with low or no interest rates for a set time at first, but after that introductory period passes, expect the interest rates to soar.

Alternately, you could always speak directly with your veterinarian to see about setting up a payment plan.

Work with a Charity

 There are a number of charities that also work with Pet parents who are overwhelmed by the cost of their Pet care bill. You can visit the United Animal Nations website to get a list of charitable organizations that are organized by state, breed, disease, etc. They even have resources available to those who would like to start their own fundraising drive.

Getting Donations

Another common option is raising funds from friends and family. With Veterinary care costs rising, this has become a much more common option for pet parents in a bind.

Crowd funding has also become a more common practice to raise the cash needed to pay for pet care. Websites like and are common sites for people to post fundraising projects to raise money for injured or sick pets.


Last, but certainly not least, is PetAssure  which is a pet discount program that provides it’s members with a 25% discount on veterinary bills and up to 35% off on merchandise discounts. In order to receive the discount on your vet bills, you will need to make sure your veterinarian is part of their network.