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100 Day Loans is a loan matching service that helps people get quick loans by connecting them with lenders nationwide. It boasts a fast application and approval service that could send funds within a day. 100 Day Loans employs a simple three step process for loan applications which is done entirely online.

** 100 Day Loans is currently out of business


Loan matching service


Loan Details

Unsecured personal loans


Maximum loan amount


Maximum loan period

100 days

Loan rates

Depends on lender

Direct deposit




Online application time

A few minutes

Response times

A few minutes


18 years of age

US citizen or permanent resident

Information Used

Credit score


Employment history


100 Day Loans Summary

100 Day Loans is ideal for short term borrowers looking for small personal loans. Fast approval times and a quick application process are trademarks of the company. This could be due to a lot of factors but mainly because its maximum loanable amount is low and loan term is shorter compared to other personal loan services. This reduces the lenders risk exposure while a shorter loan term translates to faster return on investment. However, those who are able to make good on their loans become eligible for higher loans. A good option for short term loans but falls short for those looking for larger loans and longer payment needs. 

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7.4 / 10
  • Quick, fast loans
  • Same day second loan application
  • $1,000 maximum loan
  • 100 day maximum term
  • Loan matching promise

Latest 100 Day Loans Reviews

DeKalb, Illinois

While payday loans are costly, this company has a network of lenders that can find you a loan fast. That's the convenience. It is a small loan but when you need money fast that's a good option.

Houston, Texas

Good rating Fast approval and thats what I need