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Rating: 9 / 10 (Excellent)
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Keeper Security is a password manager and digital vault that helps individual users and businesses against cyber theft. The software is SOC 2 certified and uses military-grade encryption. Users can enjoy password management and vault protection in unlimited devices, unlimited cloud backup, unlimited password storage, unlimited record sharing, and fingerprint login.

Services and Features

Keeper is a secure password manager and digital vault for personal and business use. Its Keeper vault is used for storing passwords making it inaccessible to unauthorized users. The password manager lets user log into their apps and websites by using a fingerprint scanner on their mobile device to quickly access their vault.

Keeper can also be used to create strong or random passwords. It also measures a user’s password for strength and vulnerability. Keeper lets users enter their login details into apps and websites without having them enter a single password with KeeperFill. Digital records such as photos, videos, and private files can be securely shared with other Keeper users as well as backed up in the Cloud Security Vault.

When it comes to identity and payment information, the application quickly scans and uploads a client’s debit and credit card information into their Keeper vault. Users can autofill payments, identity, and billing information when they make purchases.

Keeper is also integrated with an easy two-step verification process that offers an extra layer of security when they log into a website or application. The password manager has a function called Keeper DNA which makes two-step verification fast and simple. Users may use their fingerprint or smartwatch to log into their Keeper vault. Other hardware-based security key devices like YubiKey can also be used with Keeper to work as a multi-factor authentication without having to manually enter separate access codes.

The password manager supports up to 5 emergency contacts to grant vault access in case of emergency or death. When a specified waiting time has passed, the emergency contact will gain access to their Keeper vault. Users may also isolate their data for geographic protection and compliance by selecting the region to store their encrypted data.

Plans Offered


Price: $29.99/yr.


  • 1 user only
  • Web app
  • 24/7 support
  • Unlimited password storage
  • Unlimited secure cloud backup
  • Fingerprint login
  • Unlimited device and sync
  • Unlimited secure record sharing


Price: $59.99/yr.


  • Unlimited device and sync
  • Unlimited secure cloud backup
  • Unlimited secure record sharing
  • Unlimited password storage
  • Web app
  • 24/7 support
  • Fingerprint login
  • 10GB secure file storage


Price: $30/user/yr.


  • Automated provisioning
  • Admin console
  • Unlimited devices
  • Delegated administration
  • Policy engine and enforcement
  • SSO/SAML integration
  • AD and LDAP integration
  • BYOD compliant
  • Secure file storage (add-on)
  • Shared team folders
  • Auditing and reporting
  • Dedicated onboarding and training (add-on)

Types of Password Manager

Web-Based Service

Token-Based Hardware Device

Locally-Installed Software








Mobile App

Auto Fill and Auto Login

Secure Sharing

Two-Factor Authentication

Password Generation

Personal Data Protection

Browser Integration

File Attachments

AES 256 Encryption


Security Audit

Security Alerts


Plan Details

Free Desktop Version

Free Trial

Money Back Guarantee


Cost Per Subscription

Individual: $29.99/yr.

Family: $59.99/yr.

Business: $30/user/yr.


Security Monitoring


Video Tutorials

Knowledge Center

Live Chat



Password Manager at Keeper

Keeper's password manager offers exceptional security and convenience. It makes storing and accessing your password easy by seamlessly syncing your account information across multiple devices even on the go. Keeper uses AES (Advance Encryption Standard) with a 256-bit key length, an industry-standard and trusted algorithm to encrypt all files. Passwords are not stored in Keeper's Cloud Security Vault. Rather, a cipher key is stored in the Cloud Security Vault and sent to a user's devices where it is decrypted. This means that in an unfortunate case that the Cloud Security Vault becomes compromised, all user personal accounts remain secure. Ultimately, users can be assured that only they have sole access to their files and passwords. 




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Customer Comments & Reviews

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Phil W
Cleveland, Ohio
Been using for a number of years, Have installed on Office system, laptop, I-phone, and i-pad. The only issue is: sometimes the auto fill in in not recognized. Have to type in manually for some websites

Top Rated
Our Partner
9.9 / 10
  • Only password manager with US Patent for its security architecture
  • Generate unique passwords
  • Instant security alerts
  • Change dozens of passwords with one click
  • Quick, secure signing across multiple platforms
  • Auto-fill forms, auto-login to your favorite websites
  • 2017 Webby Award People’s Voice award in the Mobile Sites/Apps>Services & Utilities category