LendingTree Mortgage Refinance Review

#1 in Mortgage Refinance

LendingTree is a duly licensed mortgage broker that facilitates home refinancing services through a convenient online portal. It helps connect homeowners searching for home refinancing options with its large network of mortgage lenders. Homeowners are able to get quotes from as many as five lenders in a matter of minutes. LendingTree aims to make home refinancing easier by empowering homeowners to make more informed decisions by selecting the best quotes from numerous mortgage lenders.   

Types of Home Refinancing Mortgages

  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages


Other home loan options

Aside from providing mortgage refinancing, LendingTree also offers home equity loans and reverse mortgage options through its network of mortgage lenders.

  • Home Equity Loans
  • Reverse Mortgage


Qualifying for Mortgage Refinance

A majority of people applying for home refinancing are having difficulty keeping up with their monthly payments. Hence, most of these homebuyers may have experienced a drop in their credit ratings. LendingTree lets mortgage lenders compete for your business. This means finding a mortgage lender that accepts less than ideal credit scores is possible.


Credit Score

580 or better

Income to Debt Ratio

35% or more

Years Employed

2 years

Loan Terms

Up to 30 years


Things that lenders may ask for

  • Current mortgage information
  • Homeowners insurance
  • Property tax bill
  • Prior closing documents
  • Latest payroll stubs
  • W-2 forms
  • Most recent bank statements


Refinance Mortgage Rates


Fixed Rate Mortgages


30-Year Term

15-Year Term

Mortgage amount



Annual percentage rate (APR)



Number of monthly payments



Principal and interest




Adjustable Rate Mortgages

5/1 ARM


Mortgage amount


Annual Percentage Rate (APR)

3.45% for the first 60 months

Number of monthly payments


Principal and interest



Why Mortgage Refinance at LendingTree

LendingTree as a mortgage refinance service truly shines because of its ability to connect homeowners to different lenders who all compete for their business. Rather than working with a single company and negotiating for smaller interest rates, LendingTree gives homeowners multiple options for making a more informed decision. 


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Trent H
LendingTree Mortgage Refinance review
Lending tree does a great job of giving you many options. I do not like the fact that a phone number must be entered immediately. Get ready to have your phone blow up with offers.

jon snow
Atlanta, Georgia
LendingTree Mortgage Refinance review
that's a good offer for mine. thanks for suggestion