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Rating: 10 / 10 (Excellent)
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Founded in 1996, LendingTree is a leading online marketplace with a comprehensive network of lenders that allows consumers to shop for loans, compare prices, and track their savings. A simple online application determines the customer’s credit profile and lets them contact different lenders to choose the best loan offer for their needs. Customers are able to compare competing offers from 5 mortgage refinance lenders in minutes.

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Loan Options
Application Process

Overall Rating: 10 / 10 (Excellent)

LendingTree doesn't generate loans per se, but simply matches borrowers with up to five qualified lenders likely to approve their loan. Therefore, they can offer a wide variety of loans and terms, allowing borrowers to evaluate competing offers from the convenience of one website and one, simple application.

Loan Options

Lender Type
Loans Offered
Rate & Term
Loan Programs
Fixed Year Terms
30 Year Fixed
20 Year Fixed
15 Year Fixed
10 Year Fixed
Adjustable Rate Mortgage Terms
10/1 ARM
7/1 ARM
5/1 ARM

Loan Options - 10 / 10

As a lending marketplace, LendingTree offers a wide variety of ways to refinance your mortgage, via their nationwide network of lenders. From government-backed VA, HARP, and FHA loans; LendingTree can also connect borrowers with conventional fixed or adjustable rate loans. Their lenders are thoroughly vetted and completely reliable, with proven track records that put them at the forefront of the loan origination industry.

Application Process

FHA Minimum Credit Score
Maximum LTV
This depends on the individual lender.
Closing Time
This depends on the individual lender.
Waived Fees
This depends on the individual lender.

Application Process - 10 / 10

Since LendingTree doesn't generate loans in and of themselves, specifics regarding the application process depend on the individual lender. Given the breadth of its provider network and its long experience in the sector, the company therefore provides the greatest degree of flexibility for customers of all levels of qualification wishing to explore their options.

LendingTree Reputation

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Reputation - 10 / 10

LendingTree is a marketplace for loans, so each individual lender they're associated with will have a different reputation. However, LendingTree only works with accredited originators with proven track records in the industry. As an online resource, LendingTree is generally well regarded by customers and carries an above average Trustpilot score of 9.4.

Contact & Additional Information

Homepage URL
Company Phone
(800) 310-1860
Headquarters Address
11115 Rushmore Dr., Charlotte, NC, 28277
Mailing Address
11115 Rushmore Dr., Charlotte, NC, 28277
Year Founded

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9 Customer Comments & Reviews

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LendingTree is a good Mortgage Refinance company. Get ready to have your phone blow up with offers. jhkhk

LendingTree is a good Mortgage Refinance company. Get ready to have your phone blow up with offers.

Sharon J
Pittsburg, Kansas
they gave me the amount then told me there would be an $8,000 closing cost which made our loan higher than what we wanted because their closing rates are outrageous. I complained. I woman named Jennifer called me once and supposedly connected me with another guy who called me once and I never heard from Jennifer again nor have I heard from the loan officer again nor have I received a lower rate, counter offer, agreement to work out something better, etc. It. was either their way or the highway and they plain and simply lied to me. They do not care if they get your loan or refinance you or not but whenever you punch in those numbers on your computer your phone is ringing before you can... Read More

Waterloo, Iowa
Won't even pick up the phone. Or have a call center to help during nonbusiness hours. I don't see how they're rated number one.

joe s
Cedar Grove, New Jersey
I was fornswaggled into this cheezy mortgage company because the 3 before me sold my loan and/or went buy buy.... I had in the process of one bank bite the bullet get a lower credit rating because it came up a month I did not have to pay....I wish you would get clear of your loan when a bank goes under. It seems fair because it is their fault for going under. I also have no escrow with the bank which was not a problem with my first bank in which I signed up with...But they want more percentage points for that... even though a bank before had not paid the taxes on my house before and a lean was taken out... Isn't not totally bad but sometimes useless it trying to change anything like new... Read More

Benson, North Carolina
after going thru the exhaustive hoops and appraisal process for a refi, we wanted a 100000 loan on an appraised house of 175000 with credit ratings of my wife and myself of over 700 and at the last minute got declined. Royal mortgage you stink!!!

Williams, Indiana
Lending Tree asked for every private detail it could about my life and at the end of it all, it spat out "We weren't able to match you with any lenders in our network." So I've given them everything and they have given me nothing. Not impressed.

Trent H
Pearland, Texas
Lending tree does a great job of giving you many options. I do not like the fact that a phone number must be entered immediately. Get ready to have your phone blow up with offers.

jon s
Toronto, Ontario
that's a good offer for mine. thanks for suggestion

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  • Rates as Low as 3.75% APR (15 year fixed)
  • Compare Quotes From up to 5 Lenders for Free in Minutes
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  • More Than 40 Million Customers Served
  • When Banks Compete, You Win!
  • Lower Interest Rates and Monthly Payments
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