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Indoor Restore Environmental Services Mold Removal Review

Rating: 9.5 / 10 (Excellent)
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Indoor-Restore Environmental Services is an indoor, air quality and contaminant solution company which offers a range of home and property care services. This includes area assessment, inspection, remediation, and restoration. The company’s mold services include inspection and remediation. A thorough inspection of air and surface samples are sent to a 3rd party lab like EMSL, Nation Laboratories, and MACS Lab for confirmation. Cleaning or treatment of surfaces is the performed to prevent future mold growth.

Features and Services

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services has two divisions of property services. Services include remediation, restoration, inspection and assessment. Restoration solutions has its own set of services designed to meet individual customer needs.

Techniques and protocols employed by Indoor-restore Environmental Services exceeds the standards set by the Indoor Air Quality industry. Services provided follow guidelines created by the Indoor Environmental Association. This means practices performed by the company do not pose any health threats to the individuals residing in the property.

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services inspects the property for mold growth or water damage. Inspection includes tests for air and surface contamination and sending samples to third-party laboratories. Once the inspection and the presence of mold is confirmed, mold remediation is performed. Trained and certified professionals remove and clean-up molds around the affected area. Services also include cleaning the air and surfaces to prevent future mold growth.

How It Works:

  • Complete environmental mold inspection, testing, and removal services
  • Property evaluation for mold growth and water damage
  • Tests which involve both air and surface samples
  • Samples will be confirmed scientifically through a third-party lab for the presence of mold.
  • The lab will provide a full report of the findings.
  • After inspection, the company will proceed with its mold remediation process
  • Trained and certified professionals are the ones who remove and clean-up mold from the property
  • Mold remediation includescleaning the air and surfaces and precenting future mold growth 


Property inspection

Mold Testing

Anti-microbial Application

Drying and Monitoring

Sanitation Process

Air Filtration

Damage Assessment

Claim Assistance

Speed of Service

Standard Mold Services

Emergency Services


Mold Certification


Odor Control Certification

Water Damage Certification

Help and Support




Mold Removal at Indoor-Restore Environmental Services

Indoor-Restore Environmental Services offers a complete range of mold inspection and remediation services. This is performed by certified and licensed professionals. Being compliant with best industry practices ensures effectiveness of its mold remediation program without compromising the health and safety of residents. 


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