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Rating: 9 / 10 (Excellent)
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Transamerica Corporation is the holding company for several investment firms and life insurance companies operating under the Transamerica brand since 1928. The corporation's insurance companies have received high ratings from all major U.S. credit rating services, including an A+ (Superior) financial strength rating with A.M. Best.

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Overall Rating: 9 / 10 (Excellent)

Transamerica insurance companies are financially stable U.S.-based enterprises operating under the management of multinational life insurer AEGON N.V. Their products, which include everything from life and long term care insurance policies to annuities and retirement solutions, are backed by extensive industry experience as well as unbeatable financial strength and creditworthiness. Among their most flexible insurance options is the TransCare III LTCI policy, which can be customized through a comprehensive list of plan riders and several benefit options. The policy is simple and straightforward, featuring every existing care alternative as well as a pool of money approach for lifelong benefits. Anyone looking for a dependable long-term care insurance policy from a trusted provider may want to look into Transamerica's customizable LTCI options.

Policies & Coverage

Policies & Coverage - 9 / 10

Transamerica Life Insurance offers an individual long-term care insurance plan clients can customize through several benefit options and elimination periods. Although they do not market state partnership or group policies, Transamerica's TransCare III LTC insurance covers all available care options from in-home services to services rendered in qualified facilities such as adult daycares and nursing homes. TransCare also features an excellent selection of plan riders, with several inflation protection alternatives, as well as waiver of premium, return of premium, alternate care, shared care, full restoration of benefits, joint waiver of premium, and elimination period credit options.
Policy Types
Individual / Standard
Types of Covered Care
In-Home Care
Assisted Living / Adult Day Care
Nursing Home
Hospice Care
Medical Help Systems
Facility Coverage
Any Facility
Available Policy Riders
Inflation Protection
Shared Care
Return of Premium
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Alternate Care
Available Discounts
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Inflation Protection

*Compound Benefit Increase Option: Provides for an annual 3% or 5% increase of the benefit amount minus paid claims *Tailored Benefit Increase Option: - A 5% compound benefit increase for individuals under 61 years of age - A 3% compound benefit increase available for those between the ages 61 and 75 - No more benefit increases after the policyholder's 76th birthday *Step-Rated Compound Benefit Increase Option: Premiums increase by 3% or 5% of the current premium as the benefit increases by 3% or 5% of the current benefit amount minus paid claims.

Claims & Benefits

Claims & Benefits - 9 / 10

Daily benefit amounts offered through Transamerica Insurance Company can range from $50 to $500, with maximum policy amounts ranging from $18,250 to $1,095,000. There are also several elimination period options, from zero waiting periods to 365 days. To qualify for coverage, the policyholder must require substantial assistance to perform at least two of the six daily living activity requirements, or need constant supervision due to severe cognitive impairment. Since the company also extends a pool of benefits approach that allows customers to keep using available benefits past the policy's intended term, there is no limit to the benefit period, and policyholders may continue to receive payments for as long as there are funds available in the plan.
Maximum Daily Benefit Limit
$500 per day
Unlimited Lifetime Benefit Period?
Elimination Period
0, 30, 60, 90, 180 or 365
Eligibility Requirements
Activities of Daily Living Limitations
Alzheimer's or Cognitive Impairment

Financial Strength & Ratings

Financial Strength - 9 / 10

Transamerica's life insurance companies have been awarded stable long-term financial strength ratings from all major U.S. credit rating services and are deemed to have a superior ability to meet their ongoing financial obligations. Having been in operation for over a century, these businesses also offer vast industry experience which, paired with the unbeatable creditworthiness of its parent company AEGON International, ensures their life insurance products are of the highest quality.
Transamerica Life Insurance Company
Moody's Financial Rating
AM Best Financial Rating
Standard & Poor's Financial Rating
*The above information reflects the financial strength of the underwriter of the Transamerica long term care insurance policies: Transamerica Life Insurance Company.

Transamerica Reputation

Reputation - 9 / 10

Transamerica Corporation is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and holds a C- rating with the organization based on 26, mostly negative, customer reviews. Although they have received a small number of complaints for an enterprise of their size, they remain well bellow the national median complain ratio for individual life insurance products as reported by the NAIC in 2016.
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Contact & Additional Information

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Company Phone
(800) 797-2643
Headquarters Address
4333 Edgewood Road NE, Cedar Rapids, IA, 52499

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12 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Richard D
Sacramento, California
We filed a claim approximately 3 weeks ago. Another company hired by Transamerica contacted us and stated they were hired for send a RN to evaluate the facility I would be staying at. This company called me today 5/30/18 and stated they were having a problem finding a contractor to preform the inspection. I live in Fresno Ca in the middle of the central valley of California. Fresno Metro area including surrounding communities has a population of close to 1 million people. I think this is a stalling technique to delay the claim.

Nancy D
Oakland, Tennessee
Nancy D Eads, TN 3/18/2018 I have been having problems with TransAmerica Long Term Insurance ever since the premium increase took place. Although I did not get my option change letter in until about two weeks before the deadline, I still thought it would take effect. Of course that did not happen, and I was charged the higher premium on both policies, mine and my husbands, about a $65 increase for both. I immediately called the company and explained my problem. After being shifted around several times, being cut off and recalling, someone finally took my name and number to call me back. When I was called, I told them I wanted the error corrected and the money refunded to my... Read More

Kathy C
Edmond, Oklahoma
I am having the same negative experience that other Transamerica people are having. My mother was misled when she started her policy in 1994 and has been paying on her policy all these years. Now that she needs the insurance it is almost impossible to receive benefits. Instead of the full coverage she was told she have, the company only offers $20. a day for in home care and $40. a day for assisted living. This is so little to help considering in home care was $40. an hour and we pay $5,000.00 a month for assisted living. (And did I mention that they will only pay this for 1 year???) But, with no other choice, we take what we can get.....if we could get it. I have been... Read More

Julie H
Saint Paul, Minnesota
This company is a scam on elderly. My mother has paid over $30,000. We began a claim for time spent in a care center back in September. It is now February, and they're still sending us paperwork. In reality, she will not be able to get decent coverage, because, even if she's receiving some benefits for current care needs, she still has to pay the premiums each month. Read the fine print. The claimant has to pay monthly premiums until they've been in an actual nursing home for 6 months! Most people don't live more than 6 months once they're in a home! Now, I can't get them to cancel her policy. I'm being ignored, and they're sending her bills for three month's coverage. Terrible.

Laurie D
San Mateo, California
I am very unhappy with Transamerica's long term Care insurance increase in my policy premiums. In November we completed an options quote selection sheet. In December we called and Transamerica acknowledged our options selection sheet receipt. In January they deducted the incorrect amount, more than twice as much as we requested. I called them, and spoke to Kawan in Plano Texas. I was informed that nothing could be done and to call back in 2 weeks!I could not speak to a manager. They would call me. I am retired and on a fixed income and this seriously disrupts my monthly budget. I made a second call and spoke with Dan C. in Plano Texas. His attitude sounded cavalier until I called him on... Read More

Terry E
Louisville, Kentucky
This is a wonderful company until you make a claim. My 96 year old mother paid this company more than $63,000 in premiums for long term care. This company brags that they make their determinations on claims within 3-6 weeks. That is a lie. As my mother's legal guardian, I filed a claim in August of 2016, because my mother had been admitted to a nursing home with dementia and heart failure. They sent a nurse out to visit with my mother and obtain all records in October 2016. My mother died in December 2016. This company did not make a determination on the claim until October 2017, when they refused to pay a penny of my mother's nursing home bill. They also denied my appeal and refused to... Read More

Clermont, Florida
My mother purchased a LTC policy in 1993 on the advice of a person who represented himself as a "financial planner", but in reality this person functioned only as an insurance salesperson. I mention that because this industry is filled with such people. All the alphabet soup credentials in the world do not change the fact that people who sell these policies ARE NOT objective and ARE NOT disclosing that fact to purchasers. Yet, consumers are NEVER told the truth or given any objective advice about the downside of these policies because....commissions are FAT! She never once was given any objective advice as to her financial situation or whether she even needed this policy. Oh,... Read More

La Grange, Illinois
This insurance company should be investigated for insurance fraud. As some of the other reviewers have said, they are fine while you are paying them, but as soon as you want to collect on a policy that has been paid for 20 years, they try to make it as difficult as possible. We hire a firm... we needed to do a predetermination. We send them paperwork, they didn't receive it. We send it 2-3 times, they only had one policy number (here's a newflash's's called a computer and it is capable of searching a name...if only the people you hired weren't so dumb and improperly trained and unable to do a simple search). We do a predetermination and the firm doesn't... Read More

Barrie L
My comment is very simple. I have been told numerous times that payments are being deferred as I live in a town affected by Hurricane Irma. As I travel for most of the year I have requested my payment be deducted, unfortunately this has not happened. When contacting the company you are put on hold, and then eventually cut off. After the seventh call this evening and waiting over an hour I have given up. I get the impression that Transamerica Long Term Care thinks I am a nuisance caller. Each time I call Ian asked to give my details, a few moments ago I talked to a very nice lady, and when I told her the issue, I was disconnected. I would be very concerned if I had an issue with... Read More

c. m
Ceres, California
We have had this insurance for my Mom for almost 20 years and have had no problem because we were paying. However when my Mom needed to collect when she had to go into long term care the hassles began. There were constant delays in approval. It took well over 30 plus phone calls. We finally started to get the payments but payments were slow in coming and we had to stay on top of them with constant phone calls. Now with the last check they claim it must have gotten lost in the mail and will be delayed another two weeks thereby being almost a month late. By the way we have received 5 other pieces of mail from them during the month, but the only one lost is the check. In the interest of... Read More

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