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Agent Review Long Term Care Insurance Review

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Agent Review - Long Term Care Insurance

Most of us think there is actually no way we will be incapacitated and require long term care. It is only natural if we are healthy to think this way. But statistics tell a different story. From the age of 65 on there is a whopping 70% probability you will require at least some form of long term care. Additionally, 20% of this group will require care for longer than 5 years. Agent Review is a web-based platform based in Washington State that is an excellent resource for connecting consumers with agents providing long term care insurance nationwide.

What is long term care insurance?

Long term care insurance is not the same as life insurance. While life insurance pays the beneficiary in the event of your death, long term care insurance pays your family in the case you suffer an illness or injury that stops you from working and requires you to be cared for either in the home or other facility for an extended period of time. If you do not have long term care insurance, a substantial percentage of your income that was already committed to paying bills will have to be switched to paying for care. Most American families could not absorb this cost and would therefore be facing financial disaster.

Buying a long term care policy now would result in you avoiding such disaster as it would cover all care expenses. 

Agent Review

Agent Review offers a unique online platform that connects those looking for long term care insurance with experienced and professional agents in their area. These days, insurance in increasingly being sold direct to the consumer online. People often believe that this is faster, easier, and cheaper. The problem is these things aren't necessarily true. What's more, due to the faceless process and the complicated nature of long term care insurance, those buying online frequently get stuck with policies they didn't want, don't understand, and that are not tailored toward their family's needs.

Agent Review gives insurance shoppers access to fully vetted and professional agents who are experts in the long term care insurance marketplace. They will guide you through the ins and outs of the process and make sure you get the policy that best suits your situation and your family's future. The company also offers an extra level of evaluation, as agents carrying the "Verified" icon have been reviewed by independent third parties. These agents always appear first in your insurance search. 

Plans Available

Although Agent Review is a relatively new company, it has a customer base of 275,000+ and features agents affiliated with all the top rated and most trusted insurance companies. Typically, long term care insurance is divided into two categories: traditional stand alone and asset-based.

Traditional stand alone policies allow you to allocate your disbursement for four types of long term care.

Home Care

Adult Daycare

Assisted Living

Skilled Nursing Home

Asset-based policies are essentially the accelerated death benefit feature of your life insurance policy. The death benefit can be withdrawn (typically 3 times the policy limit) to ehlp your loved ones pay for your long term care.

Since Agent Review can connect you with agents who offer policies from multiple companies, plan details beyond these basic points will vary and must be discussed with your agent. 


Once again details of long term care benefits will differ depending on the company you are dealing with. Agent Review is easily able to offer you policies from many different providers so you can compare with your agent and choose the best plan for you.

Basic long term care benefits:

  • Access to Care
  • Life Savings
  • Tax Deductible Premiums
  • 100% Covered Home Care
  • Tax-free benefits
  • Asset protection

Long Term Care Insurance with Agent Review

We rank Agent Review so highly basically because of the company's flexibility. Many online brokers can offer you comparison shopping of long term care policies from trusted providers, but only agent review features that extra bonus of a expert in teh field to help you navigate the choices and guide you to the best possible plan. Also, the verified agents reviewed by third parties is a huge plus. Agent Review offers a wealth of information on its website to educate consumers on insurance products and industry jargon before they even come into contact with an agent. These include a searchable glossary of National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) insurance terms and a Designation Glossary. Agent Review is a great choice for educating yourself on insurance matters and getting the most fitting long term care insurance plan. 

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