Learn to Speak Language Software Review

Rating: 7.5 / 10 (Very good)
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Learn to Speak Review

Learn to Speak is a language learning course that is deep in content but is very light in terms of methodology. You get the usual core vocabulary building, listening exercises and an introduction into basic conversations. This would be great especially for those who are planning to use the language when visiting a foreign country but just lacks the depth of polishing your skills into native speaker levels.


What’s included?

Learn to Speak comes in a software form available in DVD. It’s an all in one package that comes complete with lessons for beginners, intermediate and advance learners. It contains vocabulary exercises, basic conversations with native speakers for developing phonology, games and speech recognition program. Lessons are also available for transfer into MP3 format for easy access.


  • DVD
  • MP3
  • Voice recognition 
  • Exercises



How does it work?

Nothing really special here, this is basically what you’d expect from foreign language course. It might seem pretty deep when you consider the amount of data contained in the program. The course is pretty flexible in term of where you would want to begin. You could start by building your vocabulary and then proceed to studying the different aspects of the language such as verbs or tenses.

Without a clear cut path towards learning, those progressing into the higher levels could find themselves lost. The course is perfectly suited for beginners. Lessons become harder once you’ve accomplished the basic parts. As lessons become more complex, students become aware of the course’s shortcomings.

The overall feel of the program is geared towards adults, which certainly is a welcome to me since I found other language learning courses to be child-like. Another positive is its voice recognition software. Which considering its price of under $50 is a bonus. This is a great way of polishing your conversational skills before heading to that trip abroad.



At $49.95 for the entire course, Learn to Speak seem to be a good bargain. Just don’t expect anything special from here. If you’re planning to make a trip abroad or just searching for a quick way to pick-up a new language then this might be a good buy.


Bottom Line

The course is laid out in a simple manner and even gives students the flexibility of customizing their lesson plan. But this method only works for a few as the course assumes that the student would be able to link all the lessons and develop a strategy for learning. This would be a great start but falls short in terms of helping students progress to more complex concepts of the language.


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