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Babbel is a language learning application that allows users to learn new languages anywhere, anytime. Babbel can be used over a variety of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and even computers. The software has an empirically-proven method which improves language learning by utilizing developments in technology. Users can choose to learn up to 14 languages including English, Italian, German, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, French, Russian, Swedish, and Polish.

What’s Included?

Babbel has a developed a language learning program that uses advancements in technology. Its language courses have been extensively developed by a dedicated team of professional educators, authors, and linguists. Each lesson is tailored specifically to the language their client chooses. Currently, the courses available at Babbel are Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Swedish, Indonesian, Italian, Norwegian, German, French, English, Dutch, and Danish.

How Does It Work?

Babbel provides a free of charge registration with free first lesson for every language. Charges are only made for full access to their courses. Payments can be charged in advance for their yearly plans or according to the payment schedule selected. Recurring payments are also charged automatically until a client decides to stop and cancel their plan.

The software gives student instant access to all of their courses for their chosen language. They are free to change their course whenever they wish at Babbel’s website without needing to complete the current course they are taking. Users can also repeat any course they finished as often as they like.

Babbel’s language learning software is equipped with speech recognition tool that measures how well a student pronunciation is. Their vocabulary courses cover more than 3,000 words for languages such as French, German, Italian, Brazillian Portuguese, English, Swedish, and Spanish. Other languages like Dutch, Danish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, and Norwegian has more than 2,000 words offered to customers.

The language software also has Review Manager available that automatically reminds students when words and phrases are due for review based on their spaced repetition. Review intervals ranges from one to 60 days which varies on their client’s level of learning.  


1 Month Plan

$12.95 charged every month

3 Month Plan

$8.95 charged every 3 months

6 Month Plan

$7.45 charged every 6 months

12 Month Plan

$6.95 charged every 12 months

Bottom Line

Babbel combines the latest in technology and language learning programs for more effective learning and convenience. By creating an app-based language learning program, students could now study a new language anywhere and anytime using any mobile device. The application can also be used offline, great for travellers or those who find themselves without an internet connection. Overall, a good language program at an even better price.



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Middletown, Rhode Island
Amazing product! Had always wanted to learn Spanish, so I bought Babbel and started in their beginner courses. The lessons teach you everything you need to know to speak Spanish. I've had some great conversations with my Spanish friends -- can't wait to keep learning!

, California
I found this website and loved it, so I paid the fee and signed up. I got he first lesson under my belt, and was anxious to move on. When I logged on the next day it asked me if I wanted to continue, or start at the beginning again, I chose to continue. But while I pushed the "continue" button, it kept bringing me back to the beginning. When I contacted online support, they instructed me to remove and reinstall the app, so I did. And started at the beginning again. Once I finished the first lesson, and it asked me if I wanted to continue, I pressed continue. And it took me to the beginning again I give up. Got a refund and will try something else.

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