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Headquartered in Ireland and employing over 17,000 people worldwide, Experian plc is one of the three main credit bureaus and a worldwide leader in consumer and business credit reporting. On the consumer side, the company offers a variety of programs designed to help people understand, monitor, and improve their credit. One of the products Experian offers is IdentityWorks. IdentityWorks is a convenient and comprehensive credit monitoring service combined with an extensive identity theft component. IdentityWorks is available in two versions, Plus and Premium. Plus gets you credit alerts, daily Experian FICO score, and $1 million in identity theft insurance. Premium offers all the features of plus including quarterly FICO scores and credit reports from all three bureaus, plus a host of extra alerts.

Experian IdentityWorks - Overview

As 90% of potential lenders use the official FICO score from either Experian, Equifax, or Transunion, knowing this score from all bureaus is valuable, and the best way to get a true and accurate picture of your credit health. Considering this, alongside Experian's solid identity protection features, the $19.99/month Premium plan is a great value and useful resource.

What does it protect?

  • Social Security Number Trace Alerts
  • Experian Credit Monitoring Alerts
  • Experian CreditLock with Alerts
  • Change of Address Alerts
  • Court Records and Booking Alerts
  • Financial Account Takeover Alerts
  • Non-Credit Loan Alerts


Dark Web Surveillance Alerts

IdentityWorks monitors over 600,000 websites worldwide, searching millions of data points to find if your information is being used somewhere without your knowledge
Credit Monitoring & Alerts Plus plan features daily monitoring and alerts, not to mention official Experian FICO score refreshed daily. Premium plan features monitoring and alerts for all three bureaus. It also offers quarterly reports and official FICO scores for all  three bureaus.
ID Theft Insurance IdentityWorks will spend up to $1 million on costs associated with regaining stolen identities. Some of these expenses can include: stolen funds, lost wages, legal fees, and travel expenses. 
Fraud Resolution In the event of fraud, customers are assigned a dedicated specialist that will work with them to restore credit. 
Credit Report Lock Experian allows you the ability to lock your Experian report completely so no one can initiate credit inquiries, and identity thieves cannot have access. 


SSN Monitoring

Discover and alert any names, addresses or aliases using your social security number.

Bank & Credit Takeover Alerts

Detects if someone has used your information to open a bank account, or if there has been any out of the ordinary changes to your existing bank account.

Change of Address Alerts 

This will detect and notify you if your USPS mail has been redirected. 

Payday & Non-Credit Loan Alerts

If someone has stolen your information to apply for a no credit or payday loan, or a rent-to-own offer, this service will discover it. 

Court & Booking Records 

If your identity has been used to conduct criminal activity and the perpetrator gets involved with the authorities or court system, this service will detect and inform you.

Sex Offender Alerts

Get alerts of registered sex offenders in your area, and also if an offender registers in your name. 

Mobile App

Lock your credit report in seconds from desktop or mobile device.


IdentityWorks is FREE for 30 days, then $9.99 per month for Plus or $19.99 for Premium. 


In order to process your application for IdentityWorks, Experian will need the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email
  • Social Security Number
  • Birthday
  • Credit Card Info

Identity theft Protection with Experian IndentityWorks

For the price, Experian's identity theft protection offering is pretty impressive. Not only do you get all of the features you would usually expect from the best identity theft protection companies, you also get the strongest credit component out there. Aside from myFICO -- which is more expensive -- identity theft protection packages generally do not give you access to your official FICO score. This is a valuable commodity in and of itself. Other players typically give you a VantageScore, or "educational" score. While these scores can still be valuable in helping you understand your credit picture, they can also be many points lower or higher than the actual score most lenders and financial institutions will be looking at. IndentityWorks provides you with the Experian score daily, and all three scores and credit reports quarterly. 

Other notable features include the quick credit report lock, the breath of websites monitored for your information worldwide, and the dedicated fraud assistance. 

Our Partner
9.6 / 10
  • 3 Bureau Daily Monitoring and Alerts
  • 3 Bureau Official FICO Scores Quarterly
  • $1 Million Identity Theft Protection
  • Dark Web Surveillance and Alerts
  • 30 Day Free Trial/$9.99 a Month 
  • Dedicated Fraud Resolution

Latest Experian IdentityWorks Reviews

Mark B
Las Vegas, Nevada

The ability to protect your data should be free. The other agencies allow you to lock and unlock your data for free via web or mobile app. As consumers we have no choice in picking a credit bureau, you can't unenroll from any of them, so they should all be providing the best possible security and consumer tools so that we helpless livestock are not put to slaughter.

Roger J
Costa Mesa, California

I was a former member of lifelock and decided to try experian for their credit monitoring and to see my Fico Score. It's a new product but it's been great so far. They email me changes to my score and report weekly.

Marrero, Louisiana

It takes only minutes to sign up, but the problem is when you go to cancel your 30 days free. They put you on hold for hours and hours before talking to anyone. This company's customer service is HORRIBLE! I did the complimentary email scan and then they kept emailing me stating that my other personal info might be in danger, so I signed up for the 30 days free and have been on hold all day trying to cancel and still have not talked to anyone