Guide to Lenders Home Equity Loans Review

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Guide to Lenders is a loan matching service that gives lenders the option of choosing from multiple loan offers from the country’s leading loan services. It gives lenders quick access to Personal Loan, Home Equity, Refinance, and Home Loans. Its online application portal provides a free loan matching service, guides, and self-help resources to help lenders get access to the best loans.

Services and Features

Guide to Lenders offers free loan matching service to consumers which enables them to connect with different lenders and select one which meets their needs. They provide a simple and fast online application that allows them to get and compare multiple quotes from up to 5 lenders.

The online platform’s application form includes the original purchase price of a consumer’s home, current mortgage, mortgage balance, and loan amount. Borrowers are also required to give the property type, property use, credit rate, bankruptcy history, and other personal information to continue with their application.

Interest rates on home equity loans will be provided by the chosen lender of the borrower. Rates may vary depending on the loan amount, credit score, and mortgages balance. Other factors may affect the interest rates and terms that will be given by the lender based on the information provided by the borrower.

Services and Features

Home Equity Mortgage Calculator


Online Quotation

Online Application

Financial Guide

HELOC Draw Period

Types of Home Equity Loans

Fixed Rate Loans

Home Equity Lines of Credits (HELOC)




Credit Score (Minimum)


Primary Home Owner


Member of US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Member of FDIC

Insured by FHA

Approved by Equal Housing Lender

Plan Details

Origination Fee


Closing Cost


Maintenance Cost


Application Fee


Variable Rate APR

Not Stated

Fixed Rate APR

Not Stated

Help and Support

Mobile App

Telephone Support

Live Chat



Home Equity Loans at Guide to Lenders

Guide to Lenders is a great choice for home equity loans because it gives lenders quick access to multiple loan offers.


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