Widex Hearing Aids Review

Rating: 7.9 / 10 (Very good)
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Widex is a privately held manufacturing company that focuses in distributing medical devices across 100 countries. They offer digital and wireless receiver-in-canal, behind the ear, in-the-canal and in-the-ear hearing aid devices for their customers worldwide.

Services and Features

Widex provides unique hearing aids, super hearing aids, tinnitus solutions and other accessories that will help you to improve your hearing. This hearing aid company features a Zen Therapy for counselling, amplification, fractal tone and relaxation to reduce negative interpretation of the tinnitus.

Widex Passion is a small behind-the-ear small hearing device that is capable of speech detector, internal controller and sound class technology. It has a wind noise attention that can reduce wind noises and feedbacks. Windex Passion akso let users to combine it with DEX assisted listening devices for wireless connection to electronic devices.

Widex Clear uses wireless technology and allows you to coordinate and synchronize directly. It has a capability that adapts and adjusts to your listening environment. Widex Clear has a Zen technology that helps in emitting noises to relieve tinnitus.     

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Hearing Aid at Widex

Widex hearing devices can handle loud and soft sounds, hear speech through background noise, and provide harmonic chimes and tones which makes it a must try hearing aid provider. Their TruSound, ClearBand, SmartSpeak and Zen technology makes their systems a good solution for hearing impaired individuals.

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Latest Widex Reviews

Mickey C
Catawba, North Carolina

I have had two widex aids for 3 years and have had to make constant trips back to my doctor to have them repaired. The problem is the hearing part that goes in my ears keeps failing and I have to wait sometimes 2 weeks for repairs which is very disappointing because since I have been wearing them my hearing has gotten worse and I can't hold a conversation in a crowd. I have to drive a 80 mile round trip to take them in to be repaired then drive back to pick them up once repaired. I should not be having this kind of trouble with these considering the cost of them, my warranty runs out 3/18/18, when this happens I may as well throw them in the trash. Widex needs to stand behind their... Read More