Starkey Hearing Aids Review

Rating: 7.7 / 10 (Very good)
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Starkey is a privately held company that develops innovative hearing technology and globally distributes digital hearing systems. The company also manufactures various kinds of customized hearing aids for different types of customers. Their products helps is recognizing speech, reducing noise, and maintaining speech understanding from mild to severe hearing loss.

Services and Features

Starkey Laboratories offers different hearing aid products which is available in a range of styles and technology levels. They provide a pediatrics package which has a special warranty option and free earmold remakes that includes support and services intended for children.

The Halo wireless hearing aid products is designed to patients with a noisy environment. This includes working in a busy office, spending time in live theatre, crowds, parties and malls. Halo Hearing Aids can improve speech, prevent noise feedbacks, and customize tinnitus relief.  

Starkey also provides a TruLink control app that can connect and stream directly to your ears. Users can make phone calls, listen to music and watch videos wirelessly connected to your compatible smartphone devices.

Hearing Aid Styles






Invisible Hearing Aid

Hearing Loss Level



Moderately Severe



Online Hearing Test


Directional Microphone

Noise Reduction

Feedback cancellation

Speech Enhancement

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth Integration

Water Resistant

Cell phone Compatibility



Battery Size

312 or 13

Help, Support and Usability

Telephone Support

Live Chat

Mobile App

Social Media Support


Plans and Pricing


2-3 years

Free Trial


Money Back Guarantee

Not Stated


Call for Pricing

Privacy Policy

Hearing Aid at Starkey

Starkey may not be the ideal haring aid solution if you are looking for a device that can cater more functionality. Their products cannot accommodate extra circuitry and are not appropriate to all ages which are the downside of their technology.

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