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Phonak is a company in the medical devices industry that has designed and distributed hearing systems across the globe. The company caters hearing aid accessories which enhances the performance of the customers’ hearing senses.

Services and Features

Phonak offers different kinds and styles of hearing aids for hearing impaired person. Phonak provides online hearing test, consultation and solutions including pediatrics hearing cases. They also manufacture wireless accessories that can help to maximize the features of hearing aid.

Phonak Virto V is a custom crafted device that tailors your hearing preferences. It can adapt on your listening situation and allows you to understand speech. Virto V has speech in the wind feature that enhances your ability to understand speech even when the wind is blowing.

Lyric is an invisible hearing aid that you can wear for months without maintenance, daily insertion, removal, and batteries to change. Lyric hearing aid is advisable to use on your daily activities such as exercising, showering, talking on the phone and others. Phonak also offers a 30-day free trial of Lyric Hearing Aid. However, it may not be suitable for all patients.  

Hearing Aid Styles






Invisible Hearing Aid

Hearing Loss Level



Moderately Severe



Online Hearing Test


Directional Microphone

Noise Reduction

Feedback cancellation

Speech Enhancement

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth Integration

Water Resistant

Cell phone Compatibility



Battery Size


Help, Support and Usability

Telephone Support

Live Chat

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Plans and Pricing


3 Years

Free Trial


Money Back Guarantee

Not Stated



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Hearing Aid at Phonak

Phonak offers excellent hearing aid devices but these are on the pricier side.

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Latest Phonak Reviews

Annie A
Los Angeles, California

I've worn an analog in-the-ear Phonak for the last five years and have been thrilled with the natural sound quality. Recently I purchased two behind-the-ear aids and have been very disappointed with the sound quality and discrimination. If I didn't have the first aid, I would think the new digital aids were fine, but I have Phonak's much better, now discontinued analog aid to compare them to and they fall short: tinny sound, echoes, distortions in sound. Have had this adjusted many times to try to get them to match the first aid, with no success. Something is wrong at Phonak that they think the highly touted digital aids are better than the analogs.

Jordan S

My father has used Phonak's hearing aids for years. When he turns them on, his hearing is whole again. Sometimes, he'd rather tune the world out, however. Otherwise, their reliable products have required little in the way of maintenance.