Otofonix Hearing Amplifier Review

Rating: 8.3 / 10 (Excellent)
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Otofonix is a company that specializes in manufacturing hearing amplifiers for all ages. It designs high quality yet affordable behind the ear personal sound amplifiers with an additional environmental sound amplification option. Otofonix Hearing Amplifiers also comes with ready and easy to use multiple program settings and digital processing features.

Services and Features

Otofonix markets audiologist tested digital hearing amplifiers. Features include pre-programmed digital circuitry, adaptive background noise reduction, feedback cancelling, and enhanced speech understanding designed for all environmental situations.

Otofonix Hearing features 4 memory settings, 12 band digital sound processing, 10 volume levels and 4 present memory frequency settings that can easily be adjusted with one finger. The hearing aid weighs 0.2 ounces and measures 0.5 x 0.3 x 1 inches.

The hearing amplifier has 4 pre-set configurations. Normal setting for regular listening, noisy setting that reduces background noise, treble setting to decrease annoying high pitched sounds and quiet settings for quiet environments.

The package comes with 1 Otofonix hearing amplifier, instruction manual, six pack of batteries, cleaning brush with magnet, cleaning monofilament, 2 formed sound tubes of different sizes and 3 sizes of dome ear tips.

Amazon customers who purchase Otofonix hearing aids can test and evaluate the product for 30-days. Each hearing amplifier comes with a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects and 30 days hassle free returns.

Hearing Aid Styles






Invisible Hearing Aid

Hearing Loss Level



Moderately Severe



Online Hearing Test


Directional Microphone

Noise Reduction

Feedback cancellation

Speech Enhancement

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth Integration

Water Resistant

Cell phone Compatibility



Battery Size


Help, Support and Usability

Telephone Support

Live Chat

Mobile App

Social Media Support



Plans and Pricing


1 Year

Free Trial

30 Days

Money Back Guarantee

30 Days



Privacy Policy


Hearing Aid at Otofonix

Otofonix hearing amplifiers are light weight, easy to use and can be adjusted for different environmental settings. Audio amplification and noise reduction features was excellent which greatly improved sound quality and audibility. With great form factor, quality sound amplification and digital noise reduction features, Otofonix hearing amplifiers are certainly worth its price and gives its more expensive counterparts a run for their money.  

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8.3 / 10
  • 30-Day Hassle Free Returns
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  • 12 Digital Sound Processing
  • Ready to Wear
  • With Digital Noise Reduction
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