Oticon Hearing Aids Review

Rating: 6.9 / 10 (Very good)
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Oticon is a global hearing aid company that has consistently worked in the science and technology of hearing. Oticon customizes hearing aids based on factors such as age, listening environment, personal preference and processing ability for a personalized fit and ease.

Services and Features

Oticon Hearing Aid helps the brain to process sense of sound. It enables you to listen to your personal preferences, engage in conversations, understand speech, and hear better in challenging surroundings. Oticon hearing aid also helps in reducing accelerated mental decline linked with hearing loss.

Oticon Alta 2 hearing aid has a customizable sound stimulus that is formed to match your personal listening preferences. It has a free focus feature wherein you can zoom in a specific voice or sound. Oticon Alta 2 also provides an Inium Sense feedback shield that protects you from unwanted noises, whistling and feedbacks.

Oticon Nera 2 is a mid-level hearing solution that is capable to understand speech even in a loud environment. It has a built-in tinnitus sound support that can help drown out tinnitus and generates selection of relief sounds which can improve your hearing sense.

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Hearing Aid at Oticon

Oticon earns a good score in providing quality hearing aid devices. Their capability of providing wireless brain hearing technology helps improve customers’ ability in speech recognizing and understanding.

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Latest Oticon Reviews

Suleiman A
Moncton, New Brunswick

Was content with my oticon hearing aid till just after the warranty ended. Volume control on right device stopped working followed by the left a month later. Cost for repair is $350 each. Strange that the devices malfunction as soon as warranty runs out. Is it just a coincidence???