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MD Hearing Aid is a business that sells inexpensive, non-custom hearing aids direct to the consumer without the involvement of a hearing professional. No information is available about the corporate ownership of the business, its place of operations, or the sourcing of its components. The firm maintains a distribution facility in Chicago.

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Overall Rating: 7.6 / 10 (Very good)

MD Hearing Aids are a plausible option for the consumer on a tight budget. They don't offer anywhere near the number of features that a conventional hearing aid does, and they're not customized to the wearer's physiognomy or specific needs, but they are eminently affordable. Still, the lack of transparency surrounding this company and its products is troubling. Many consumers may feel that before they spend hundreds of dollars to put a medical device in their ears, they'd like to know who makes and sells the device and where it is made.

MD Hearing Aid Product Offerings

Product Offerings - 7 / 10

MD Hearing Aid sells its products direct to consumers and does not custom-build or custom-fit them to people's ears and hearing loss profiles. The difference between this business model and a traditional model where a hearing professional is involved is somewhat like the difference between getting pair of prescription glass and buying a pair of reading glasses at a drugstore. Just as non-prescription glasses are significantly cheaper than prescription models, so MD Hearing Aids are much less expensive than brands prescribed by hearing professionals. The hearing aids sold by MD Hearing Aid use old-style analog technology, instead of the digital technology that is used in nearly all other contemporary designs. They are all behind-the-ear (BTE) units, so customers who want a different profile may want to look elsewhere. Though they are registered with the FDA as Class I medical devices, in many respects they are more similar to personal sound amplifiers (PSAPs) than true hearing aids.
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Additional Services - 7 / 10

Financing is available through Affirm. Consumers who choose that option will be pleased to find the monthly payment and terms displayed on the company's website right at the point of purchase. However, it's unclear whether any live product support is available.
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45 days
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MD Hearing Aid Pricing

Pricing - 8 / 10

The price range for MD Hearing Aids' products is clearly below that of nearly all its competitors who sell true hearing aids. As noted, however, this lower cost is clearly reflected in the lack of a custom fit and design and in the use of older analog technology that doesn't permit nearly as many sound enhancement options as contemporary digital technology does.

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MD Hearing Aid After-Sale Service

After-Sale Service - 8 / 10

MD Hearing Aids have a 45 day trial period, which is longer than that of many other companies. However, its products are guaranteed for only 90 days, which is a comparatively short time.
Warranty Length
90 days
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MD Hearing Aid Reputation

Reputation - 8 / 10

MD Hearing Aid has been in business for more than ten years and in that time has not been the subject of any reported consumer lawsuits, regulatory actions, or recalls. It has an A+ rating with the BBB and only a handful of reviews and complaints with that organization. It has no presence on Trustpilot. However, it's odd to find no information online about the firm's corporate identity, its business address, or the place of manufacture of its products and their components. Consumers may well be uneasy about spending hundreds of dollars with a firm that doesn't truly identify itself.
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MD Hearing Aids

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  • Over 600 provider locations nationwide
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  • A+ BBB accreditation
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Helen W
Lithia, Florida

They do have a live chat. I just used it. So far, the customer service has been great.

Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

Because you are dealing with HEARING IMPAIRED people, who often have difficulties communicating by phone, you SHOULD have a Live Chat feature on your website.