MD Hearing Aids Review

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MD Hearing Aid is a hearing aid provider that offers three devices for consumers. The hearing aid company also specializes in providing low-cost hearing aid devices that comes with round-the-clock access to expert assistance and information.

Services and Features

MD Hearing Aids offer products that are FDA Registered, Audiologist Tested and Doctor-Designed. They provide hearing aids that can be worn without a long period of adjustment. MD Hearing Aid creates a generic version of hearing aid solutions.

MD Hearing Fit is a custom in-the-ear piece that is designed to allow natural air movement and don’t feel blocked off your environment.  It features feedback cancellation, compression technology, and digital amplification that reproduce speech and sounds.  

MD Hearing Aid Air is a mini behind-the-ear hearing solution that uses Telecoil mode that is wirelessly connected to your smartphones. It has a ComfortTIP with thin tubing that will comfortable fit into your ears.

MD Hearing Aid provides product support wherein you can find tips, maintenance, troubleshooting guide readily available on their website. Every hearing aid comes with a 1 year supply of batteries and hearing aid dehumidifier. They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee for 45-days.  

Hearing Aid Styles






Invisible Hearing Aid

Hearing Loss Level



Moderately Severe



Online Hearing Test


Directional Microphone

Noise Reduction

Feedback cancellation

Speech Enhancement

Wireless Connectivity

Bluetooth Integration

Water Resistant

Cell phone Compatibility



Battery Size


Help, Support and Usability

Telephone Support

Live Chat

Mobile App

Social Media Support


Plans and Pricing


90 Days

Free Trial

45 Days

Money Back Guarantee

45 Days



Privacy Policy

Hearing Aid at MD Hearing Aid

MD Hearing Aid is a great company to buy hearing aid products because of their cheap and quality devices. The only thing that draws them back is that their devices are not programmable and water resistant.

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