Nimble Diagnostics DNA Testing Review

Rating: 7.2 / 10 (Very good)
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Nimble Diagnostics is a business staffed by doctors and scientists who specialize in various types of DNA testing for multiple purposes.

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Overall Rating: 7.2 / 10 (Very good)

Nimble Diagnostics is quite detailed and reassuring about its testing and analysis procedures and protocols. It offers sophisticated, specialized DNA tests and charges a lot for them. It has an excellent no-exceptions privacy policy. However, the firm does not disclose its own corporate ownership and location. There is very little information available about its reputation. Consumers who are troubled by these things may want to consider a different DNA testing firm.

Nimble Diagnostics Testing Features

Testing Features - 7 / 10

Nimble Diagnostics offers more testing options than most of its competitors. It also provides a good, clear explanation of what each test is and does.
DNA Testing Features
Collection Method
Cheek Swab
Company Does Own Testing

Nimble Diagnostics Results Analysis

Results Analysis - 7 / 10

Nimble Diagnostics' DNA analyses include ancestry information from the customer's mother and father. It associates the client's DNA with the European region, the Middle Eastern and South Asian region, the East Asian region, the indigenous American region, and/or the African region.
Number of Geographical Regions Identified
Identification of Relatives
Number of Ethnicities Identified

Nimble Diagnostics Other Services

Other Services - 7 / 10

Nimble Diagnostic uses a "tribes" model to inform their clients where their ancestors may have originated and how they migrated from that location. However, unlike its larger competitors, it does not provide family tree tools or match people with others who may be their relatives.

Migration Information

Nimble Diagnostics specifies which approximately 30 ancestral 'tribes' a customer's maternal ancestors are derived from. The company also provides migration information for that tribe, detailing how it has moved over 150,000 of years, and where descendants of that tribe are found today.

Nimble Diagnostics Pricing

Pricing - 8 / 10

Nimble Diagnostics' prices are several times higher than those of nearly all of its competitors. Presumably this is because the tests are performed by highly-credentialed professionals and because the firm offers specialized DNA tests not offered by the competition.
Basic Kit Price
Cost of Add-ons
Mitochondrial (Maternal DNA) Test: $349. Ancestry-Y (Paternal DNA) Test $349. Ancestry-Mito Test + Ancestry-Y Test Combo: $549. Prices include ALL costs.

Nimble Diagnostics Reputation

Reputation - 7 / 10

There are very few online references of any kind to Nimble Diagnostics. The company does not publish its corporate ownership, place of business, or phone number. Nimble Diagnostics is not listed with the BBB or TrustPilot. The copyright information on the firm's website says "Copyright 2004-2012," leading to the conclusion that the business may have been founded in 2004, and also raising questions about whether the company is still running.
Year Founded
Date Collected

Nimble Diagnostics Privacy

Privacy - 7 / 10

Nimble Diagnostics has a refreshingly simple and strict privacy policy: "Any genetic or other information generated by us or provided by you will NEVER be shared with a third party, such as an insurer, employer, or medical practitioner without your express written permission. Any and all personal data can be destroyed on request." This is the strongest privacy policy of any of the DNA testing companies reviewed here.
Disclosure to Third Parties

Company Profile

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Nimble Diagnostics DNA Testing
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