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Rating: 8.4 / 10 (Excellent)
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Watson was originally designed as a question answering computing system IBM developed to further develop facility of interface between human being and computer. The system uses DeepQA software for natural language processing and information retrieval. Watson can also be used to build chatbots that redefine how businesses engage with customers.

IBM Watson Overall Rating

IBM's Watson provides developers all the tools they need to deploy high quality, enterprise-grade chatbots that can help transform and revolutionize the way a company interacts with its customers. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities

Watson enabled developers to build chatbots that employ full conversational AI. Watson-developed chatbots go beyond simple question and answer chat. They are able to participate in full conversations and walk customers through actual processes. The conversations stored by Watson can become a repository of data regarding customer preferences and modes of engagement. This ability for the chatbot to learn can significantly increase the impact of a business.

Administrative platform

Ideally, the best developer to deploy the Watson chatbot solution will have some interest or training in AI or other conversational systems. Close contact with a conversational strategist is also essential. The strategist's main role is to create the customer conversations that are maximally effective for the customer. The IBM Cloud provides starter kits for developers to custom design a chatbot experience that best fits their enterprise's needs. 

Consumer experience

Watson chatbots have been employed across multiple industries, streamlining customer interaction, increasing productivity, and helping the end consumer get what they require more quickly and efficiently. H&R Block has used the platform to help maximize client refunds. Also, E&J Gallo has used Watson to develop more efficient irrigation that has increased the quality of their grapes.


IBM was one of the first innovators of voice recognition and natural conversation technologies. Their pioneering work created Deep Blue, the computer that defeated world chess champion Garry Kasparov in 1997. After this, the creation of Watson was a massive multidisciplinary effort involving staff and graduate students from some of the top universities and institutions across the country, including MIT, USC's Information Sciences Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, etc.


Chatbots developed with Watson come with up to 10,000 API calls a month for free. After that, it costs $.0025 per call. 

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