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ZenMate is a privately owned Computer and Network Security Company that helps users around the globe browse content anonymously, and gain access to location blocked sites from different countries. The company specializes in providing privacy, internet security, VPN, browser plugin, software, and encryption.

Features and Services

ZenMate provides personal and business consumers online security with ZenMate Premium. Its VPN software allows users from different locations to gain access to online content without compromising their information. ZenMate’s VPN software is available for use on desktops, browsers, and mobile devices.

Its Internet privacy feature prevents trackers from social media, banner ads, and website analytics from viewing their activities. It also offers unrestricted Internet access which enables users to view different types of content from countries or regions previously unavailable. The application lets clients select their public location.

The software provider has a free trial offer and offers a variety of plans for customers to choose from. Customers can select a monthly or yearly plan, or choose its 6-month subscription plan.

Other benefits from ZenMate Premium are guaranteed fast connection speeds through their premium server network, access to more locations, and desktop clients & apps. ZenMate for business offers even more features which include IP address protection, secure VoIP calls, anonymous business research, and international quality assurance.

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VPN Service at ZenMate

ZenMate’s easy-to-install and budget-friendly VPN software effectively provides the online privacy and security needed by users. Users can confidently browse the web with their VPN service without having to worry about anything.

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