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Rating: 9.3 / 10 (Excellent)
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Windscribe is a company that develops tools that help users circumvent censorship and attain access to geographically-restricted content. The service offers a full VPN client that protects a user’s online activity and browsing history.

Features and Services

Windscribe offers a VPN service that protects both browser and desktop. Its security features safeguard a user’s activity online, while its browser extension blocks ads, trackers, and beacons which endanger a user’s online privacy. The desktop client on the other hand creates a VPN tunnel with its own firewall.

The VPN software has a firewall that prevents a user’s IP address from being exposed. Users can generate a secure link which they can manage right through their browser.

Windscribe also lets users have complete and restriction-free access to the content they desire. It also helps individuals share files securely by sending them through their encrypted tunnel. Users are ensured that there will be no traces left behind because Windscribe’s desktop app and browser extension work together to reduce surveillance.

The software’s privacy options include the split personality, anti-social, ad blocker, and untraceable features. It eliminates all social trackers that report a user’s activity to their companies. It also rotates a browser’s user agent that assists in preventing browser fingerprinting.

Product Features

Number of Countries Served


Number of Servers

Not Stated

Number of IPS

Not Stated

Number of Devices

Unlimited (For Windscribe Pro)

Security and Protocols


Kill Switch






American Express


Help and Support

Email Support

24 Hour Telephone Support

Live Chat

Social Media


Plans and Pricing

Free Trial

Money Back Guarantee

✔ (3 day Money back guarantee)

Windscribe Pro

$9/mo. ($90 if per year)

VPN Service at Windscribe VPN

A simple and effective VPN solution best describes Windscribe. It’s a great option for users searching for an affordable and easy to use VPN software.

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12 Customer Comments & Reviews

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Makay L
Hialeah, Florida
Just what I needed! Satisfactory, reliable and does what it says it would do. No regrets signing up to the pro plan.

David C
Coquitlam, British Columbia
Satisfied using of Windscribe for a year now and would never go back to my old providers. Nothing beats windscribe by far, especially with it having so much to offer and being as reliable as it is.

George B
London, England
Windscribe is probably one of the best VPN's I've used to date. The quality of features and services you can get from the free plan alone is perfect for light users, and then there's the pro plan which I believe is fairly priced for those that need more data allowance and a few more of the additional features. The main issue people have with VPN's is the speed, so far I think Windscribe has provided a VPN with reasonable speeds but at the same time are 100% reliable. I haven't had any issues since I first signed up and with the continuous updates the company is making to ensure the VPN provider continues to run smoothly, I don't see there being any issues in the near future.

Kiran S
I am a pro user and loving it. Windscribe have some unique feature, hard to find. 1. Its transparent policy. No log VPN 2. Continuously improving 3. Firewall capability in client. Better than kill switch. 4. Browser extension is the best. 5. Dedicated location to unblock US netflix: called WINDFLIX 6. Stealth VPN 7. Best linux support and linux client. For linux user you can't find better 8. Allow unlimited simultaneous connection Much more than a simple VPN. Just give it a try. You will love it.

Ulrich B
Alblasserdam, South Holland
Great description! Without a doubt one of the best current VPN! Uses cutting-edge encryption OpenVPN with PFS and IKEv2 support for mobile devices. Sensational! I am a paying user and really recommend to test the Windscribe.

I started out first using this vpn with the free version. Used it for couple months and fell in love with the straight forward nature and simple usage of it. Kill switch and a hefty layer of protection are a must as well, which this vpn provides. The browser extension has some nice features and the chrome extension has connection leak prevention that many vpn's miss). Hence, decided to upgrade it to the pro version, so that I can support the development as well. I've been using this vpn for 3 months now and I do not have anything bad to say about it. I use 10 mbit connection and at least I have not noticed any noticeable drops in my connection speed. Now I keep it on constantly when ever... Read More

Toronto, Ontario
Windscribe is the best VPN on this list (and in general). Everything is as described, and the free version works great. Support is top notch also. A+

Klamia K
Bazenheid, Saint Gallen
I am using this VPN for about 1 month and some days, for about 2 weeks i was using the free version with 10 GB data +5 GB to tweet and i was very happy with the speed so i search for deal on this VPN and i got discount, i don't regret anything speed is very good support is fast with some hours you get answer i recommend it to everyone, they have browser extensions and standalone for mac linux and windows. There beta version now for mac and soon for windows that will make it much better to use and controllable. v

Los Angeles, California
I came across Windscribe by reading a couple articles on sites like Lifehacker and CNET, took the plunge because of some promotional pricing through StackSocial and paid $45 (10% off email coupon for first signup users) for a Lifetime Pro subscription via PayPal, and am pleasantly surprised. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but installation on my laptop was very straightforward, the guide for setting up Android devices was easy, and the optimal setup only required minor adjustments within the software menu. Email support was incredibly fast and came from the top, which made me feel very comfortable using this fast VPN service. Combining it with browser coverage, ad blocking, and... Read More

Mitur B
New Smyrna Beach, Florida
You can't review a VPN without talking about its speed so I have no faith in this "review."

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9.3 / 10
  • Unlimited usage for just $9 per month
  • 3-day money back guarantee
  • Blocks ads, beacons, and trackers
  • Generates and manages secure links
  • Circumvent censorship
  • Free download
  • IPv6 and DNS leak protection