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Total VPN is a Virtual Private Network provider that has more than 30 servers located in 24 countries. The software provides an 99.99% uptime guarantee and security protocols such as PPTP, OpenVPN, IPSec and IkeV2.

Features and Services

Total VPN gives a fast and secure connection to users with their 99.99% uptime and security protocols like OpenVPN, IkeV2, IPSec, and PPTP. The software allows up to 3 devices to connect to their network with their Total Premium Plan.

The VPN service provider offers a totally unrestricted browsing experience to their customers with unlimited bandwidth that can be accessed by the user at any location. The software does not keep records of their clients browsing history and hides their information from third parties online.

The company offers a free plan for users which they can download without a credit card. The application also has a broad range of systems which it supports. It has an automatic and hassle-free configuration system which can connect with different types of devices.

Product Features

Number of Countries Served


Number of Servers


Number of IPs

Not Stated

Number of Devices

Up to 3 Devices for Total Premium Plan



Security and Protocols



Kill Switch

Not Supported




Not Supported





American Express


Help and Support

Email Support

24 Hour Telephone Support

Live Chat

Social Media


Plans and Pricing

Free Trial

Money Back Guarantee

Total Premium


*Standard Rate

VPN Service at Total VPN

Total VPN gives users secure Internet access with their simple one-click application. It’s a very capable tool for ensuring security when surfing the web from any location in the world.

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Tommy Fabello
Total VPN review
I would not recommend Total VPN to anyone. I had multiple tech issues with this and working with heir help team to remedy issues is almost impossible. THE BIGGEST ISSUES IS THIS: I cancelled my account on July 28th(I have confirmation via e-mail) and I just found out I am still being charged per month.) I am trying to fix this now, but it's a bit of a headache. I don't want to have to take this higher levels. So just be wary when signing up with this dishonest company.

Kairat M
Almaty, Almaty City
Total VPN review
TotalVPN is a terrible service, on several counts. 1) I am in Kazakhstan and want to watch HBO boxing and Netflix. Both providers immediately discovered that I was using VPN. 2) I canceled the service on their site but they continued to charge me at $14.97, which is higher than $6.95, to which I initially subscribed. 3) When I called them, their rep said I should have received a reminder from them 15 days prior to each charge. I never received any reminders. 4) When I said I canceled the service through their web site, they said I should have canceled by email. Even the fact that after cancellation I was not able to access my account did not matter for them.

Baltimore, Maryland
Total VPN review
This is service simply does not work. I got the free service to see if it works before I bought. I have tried over 23 times to sign on and it will not work. I contacted chat and got basically lied to by reps to get me off their chat. I tried every solutions that reps gave me and all failed DONT GET THIS

Valbonne, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur
Total VPN review
DON'T EVEN TRY IT. At first they offered a huge discount, like 70%. The price seemed good (€5.39 per month) so I entered my payment details. Two weeks later they charged me €17.96. Turns out the discount was only for the first "month" and it wasn't even a month long, just two weeks. When I wrote them asking for my money back (in perfect accordance to their Terms and Conditions) at first they didn't answer at all. When I insisted, as some other users report, they started offering me """free""" stuff (one of which, for example, costed ~€50 to maintain). Long story made short, we had an interchange of around 7 emails, all of them with more than 48hs delay from them part (which is a lot if you are trying to recover your money). In all of the e-mails I said things in the tone of "I just want to cancel my account and get my money back, please" and each answer added more and more stuff for me to pay, combined with threats about internet security and the risks involved to navigate without VPN (even if I told them I have a MSc in Computer Science). Also, all their answers came from different people, what makes me think they are just made-up names (why does a VPN business need such a big "Customer happiness" team?). At the end (like one month later) they did refunded the money, but only after I send them this: > I want to cancel my account and use the "Money-back Guarantee" specified in the article 11.b of the Terms of Service, regardless of any special service, or eBook, or free months, or anything else that you can offer to me or be able to offer in the future. I completely understand the risks involved and I take full responsibility for those risks myself. I've already explained the reasons of the cancellation, they are still valid and will be, regardless of what you do about it. Just avoid them. Their service is not worth it.

Jeff R
Total VPN review
Total ripoff. I chose a plan that was to be billed every six months, they charged me for 2 years upfront and 9.95 for an e-book I didn't order.