Veterans United VA Loans Review

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Veterans United – Overview

Founded in 2002, Veterans United is a company that provides VA loans and VA loan related products to qualifying veterans and their spouses. Based in Columbia, Missouri, the organization carries an A+ grade with the Better Business Bureau and an unparalleled reputation for customer satisfaction – 97% positive reviews on the BBB website. Veterans United has been featured in stories by the New York Times, USA Today, and CNN Money.

Like all VA loans, mortgages offered through Veterans United are insured by the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs. Because of this, the company is able to offer loans with significantly more favorable conditions to service members than usually available to the civilian population. These conditions include easy qualification, lower rates, lower monthly payments, no down payments, and no private mortgage insurance.

Veterans United has closed over 100,000 home loans for military service members and their families, but what really sets the company apart is their involvement in the military community. The company is advised by a board of senior military personnel representing every service branch whose mission is to educate veterans as to the benefits of VA loan programs and home ownership in general. Also, Veterans United offers a totally free credit-building program called the Lighthouse Credit Consulting Program where customers have access to trained and dedicated consultants who offer advice and strategies for improving credit.  What’s more, all Veterans United loan experts are industry-leading experts that receive intense training and certification.

Services and Features

Veterans United offers VA Loans, VA Loan Refinance, Cash-Out Refinance, and VA Interest Rate Reduction Refinance Loan – often called a Streamline Refinance. To get the ball rolling, veterans and service members can avail themselves of a host of online calculators and educational tools to assess their own financial situation, learn the VA loan process, and get help with finding the right home given all this information. 


To determine eligibility, prospective borrowers will have to initially provide the following information:

  • Buy or Refinance
  • Branch of Military Service
  • State
  • Value of home desired
  • Planned Date of Purchase
  • Credit Score
  • Zip Code
  • Email address
  • Current Address
  • Phone Number

Types of Loans Offered by Veterans United

Types of Home





Mortgage Options Offered

VA Loans

Fixed Rate Mortgage

Adjustable Rate Mortgage

VA Refinance

VA Cash Out Refinance


Mortgage Related Fees

Appraisal Fee (Not IRRRL)

Origination Fee

Closing Fee

Private Mortgage Insurance


VA Funding Fee


Because VA loans are insured by the federal government, credit score typically isn’t as much of a limiting factor as it is with conventional loans, however it still will play a part. If your credit is less than stellar it would be a good idea to avail yourself of Veterans United’s credit building service.  As an active or former service member, the company connects you with credit and VA loan experts free of charge to help get you on track to securing a home.

All prospective borrowers under the VA loan program must obtain a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the Veterans Administration. Veterans United offers a service where they can get this for you if you provide them sufficient proof of service. In order to get a COE, generally speaking you must:

  • Have 90 consecutive days of active service during wartime
  • Have 181 days of service during peacetime
  • Six years in the Reserves or National Guard
  • Be the spouse of a service member who has died in the line of duty or as a result of an injury sustained in the line of duty

VA Loans with Veterans United

Veterans United is not just a financial organization providing VA loans to service members, they are a full service resource of advice and help for active and former military personnel. The company offers a trove of online guidance and education, as well as free access to experts over the phone. So it’s not just a matter of do you qualify or not. Veterans United will work with you from the very beginning of the process and guide you along the path of finding the right home, getting your credit in shape, and selecting the best possible VA loan for your situation. A top choice for all the different types of VA loans.

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  • Easier qualification compared to conventional loans
  • Quick, easy application process
  • Get the best rates by letting banks compete for your business
  • Calculate what you can afford with VA Loan Calculator
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