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Started in 2012, Exede Satellite Internet offers homes across America access to high-speed internet services. Viasat a leader in satellite technology, offers satellite-based communication and information services to military, government and residents. Satellite internet is provided through its recently launched Viasat I, a high speed, high capacity satellite. A previous report by the FCC showed that Exede surpassed promised subscriber speeds.


Internet Plans

Rather than basing its monthly plans on internet speeds, Exede satellite internet determines pricing based on data usage. This means internet speeds remains consistent for all users regardless of their subscription plan.



Monthly Price


Priority Data




Essential 10

$49.99 per month


10 GB



Unmetered access from 3 a.m. - 8 a.m.

Liberty 12

$69.99 per month

$49.99 (first 3 months)

12 GB



1 - 5 Mbps download speeds (morning/daytime) after Priority Data used

Liberty 18

$99.99 per month

$69.99 (first 3 months)

18 GB



1 - 5 Mbps download speeds (morning/daytime) after Priority Data used

Liberty 30

$149.99 per month

$99.99 (first 3 months)

30 GB



1 - 5 Mbps download speeds (morning/daytime) after Priority Data used


Priority Data is what sets plans apart. This is the amount of data you could use before limits are set on your internet speed. This is refreshed every billing cycle. A Free Zone allows customer to surf freely at optimum speeds regardless of their data allowance is set when there is limited traffic. However, customer are given the option to purchase temporary GB is available.


Plan Details


Contract Length

24 months

Activation Fee


Leasing Fee

$9.99 per month

Cancellation Fee

$15 per month on remaining contract


Features and Services

Each plan is limited by specific priority data which is the maximum data usage before a slowdown in bandwidth is experienced. This can be a concern especially for those with low priority data customers. Exede helps you with this by providing you the ability to track data usage and allowing you to purchase additional priority data allowance.

Its Hibernation plan allows customers to cut down monthly payments for certain periods of time. This can be useful especially for those planning to go on extended vacations or temporarily moving to another home.

  • Track data usage
  • Phone services
  • TV
  • Free email
  • Buy priority data
  • Free zone
  • Hibernation plan


Support Services

Satellite internet has its limits and one drawback with using this service is its reliability. While Exede remains to be one of the most reliable satellite internet services available, knowing someone will be there to help will go a long way in helping ensure that your concerns are always addressed.

  • 24/7 support
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Online chat
  • Technical support


Satellite Internet Services at Exede

Exede offers the fastest and most consistent internet experience according to the FCC. It also offers customers the same internet experience regardless of the subscription plan they enroll in. Upload and download speeds remain consistent. Exede gives you the opportunity to choose a subscription plan based on your usage without affecting internet speed. Quality certainly comes with a price. And if you don’t mind spending a couple more dollars monthly for faster and dependable internet services then Exede satellite internet is definitely something for you.


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Shenequa D
Awsome,very good for all of your basic needs.

I have been being charged $80 per month for service I did not receive and they refused to credit the money back when I called to renew service

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