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Rating: 8.2 / 10 (Excellent)
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If you prefer meeting face to face then stay local and call Retire Secure, Georgia’s local experts whose loan officers average over 20 years’ experience. Retire Secure is a company that specializes in working with your financial planner and CPA’s to make certain you understand the loan features to truly determine if it does or doesn’t meet the needs of your unique situation.

Retire Secure has been located in the Atlanta metro area since 2007.

Services and Features

Retire Secure offers professional consulting services for reverse mortgage loans. The company educates potential borrowers about the benefits and responsibilities of making a reverse mortgage loan.

With the help of Retire Secure’ s team of experts, borrowers can have a quick estimate of how much equity they can access and a summary of the fees and costs of the loan. Tips on how to choose a reverse mortgage lender is available at their website and free newsletters about reverse mortgage loans are sent through email.

Services and Features

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Online Quotation


Financial Guide

Types of Reverse Mortgage

VA Loans

Single-Purpose Reverse Mortgage

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage

Proprietary Reverse Mortgage



Home Owner

Amount of Equity

Not Stated


62 and older


Member of US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Member of Nation Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association

Insured by FHA

Approved by Equal Housing Opportunity

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No Pre-Payment


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Not Stated

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Not Stated

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Mobile App

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  • Home must meet HUDs minimum property standards and be a single-family residence, certain condominiums, or an eligible manufactured home
  • Down payment should be from qualified sources
  • Borrower must complete an HUD-approved counselling section
  • At least one titleholder must be aged 62 or over
  • Home purchased must be their primary residence

Reverse Mortgage at Retire Secure

Retire Secure is a great place to start for seniors applying for a reverse mortgage who prefer to stay local and deal face to face. With its team of experts who work as advocates, applicants are in a better position to make better and more informed decisions. With Retire Secure, seniors can be sure that they are in the best position to take full advantage of the benefits of a reverse mortgage.

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