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Good Day Reverse is mortgage company that operates in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, and Washington. Established in 2016, Good Day Reverse requires HUD and FHA counseling prior to disbursement of their HECM and proprietary reverse mortgage options. Good Day aims to make the lending process as easy as possible, with quick quotations, online guides, and discounted origination fees.

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Overall Rating: 8.6 / 10 (Excellent)

Despite being a newcomer to the reverse mortgage industry, Good Day Reverse is a company to watch out for, in a good way. They promote themselves as customer-centered, with all originations and processing done in-house, in order to streamline their mortgages. They also provide more discounts than most reverse mortgage lenders, making it possible for borrowers to pay nothing for origination, servicing and processing. However, the relative youth of the company does mean that there is not much history to judge them by.

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Though Good Day Reverse only offers reverse mortgages in Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, and Washington, they can be a great option for residents of these states, as they do all their processing and originations in-house. This reduces the amount of interference in the mortgage process. Their dedicated loan advisors are advertised as available whenever needed, even at night or on the weekends.

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Good Day Reverse offers government-backed traditional HECMs, HECMs for Purchase, and Refinance HECMs, as well as Proprietary Reverse Mortgages for homes whose value exceeds FHA guidelines. These can be paid out in lump sums, monthly payments, or lines of credit, according to the borrower's needs. The companies advertised rates are highly competitive compared to other lenders. Their out-of-pocket appraisal fee is $0, which means borrowers do not have to pay for the appraisal themselves by check or credit card.

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Good Day Mortgage has very little reviews or online consumer presence compared with other reverse mortgage providers. This is probably due to the fact that they're a very new company. However, the few that are available uniformly praise the company for their outstanding customer service. They do provide an online quote, as well as some tools and educational resources on their website, albeit less than other comparable companies.

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12655 W Jefferson Blvd, 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA, 90066
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12655 W Jefferson Blvd, 4th Floor, Los Angeles, CA, 90066
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8.6 / 10
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Latest Good Day Reverse Reviews

Wendell B
San Jose, California

Having worked in an unrelated part of mortgage banking, I was quite familiar with the need to "shop around" before actually doing business. I choose Good Day Reverse because they offered the most beneficial terms to me. Again, having been in the mortgage business, I was particularly impressed by Good Day's Janette Heyl. She was the consummate professional, guiding me through every step of a very paperwork heavy process. If your contemplating a reverse mortgage, you owe it to yourself to consider what this company has to offer.

Neil K
Los Angeles, California

I would award more stars if allowed. Jeanette Heyl at Good Day is the consummate professional and I highly recommend that anyone looking at a reverse mortgages consult with her. You will be treated to a thorough and easily understood loan analysis. There is no pressure or hype, just the facts and figures. She made it a GOOD DAY for us. N.Knott, Monte Sereno,Ca.

Dave D
Los Angeles, California

I am very pleased with Good Day Reverse Mortgage. Janette was very helpful and easy to work with making sure I understood everything about my reverse mortgage.

Michael V
Roseville, California

My wife and I enjoyed working with Janette Heyl. She was excellent! Not pushy or sale zy like other RM companies we spoke with. She was down to earth and easy to work with. We received clear pros and cons of doing this mortgage and she made sure we had the best rates available. The other companies were not even close. When the other companies called me during our process, I would tell them a little about our contract and they would say oh well great! We can't touch it. Best Wishes!

Jerry D
Fresno, California

I am so pleased with the help I got from Good Day in securing a reverse mortgage. They were honest and walked me through the entire process explaining things clearly as we went along. They responded to my questions quickly and made me feel at ease from start to finish. I highly recommend them to anyone thinking about a reverse mortgage. You won't regret using them.

Marysville, California

We were fortunate to have located Janette at Good Day Reverse Mortgage. Not only is she very knowledgeable with regard to this type of loan but she is extremely graceful, patient and a real people person. We fully recommend Janette to anyone looking for help with their reverse mortgage.

Mariana A
Rancho Cordova, California

I had such a pleasant experience dealing with Janette Heyl @ Good Day Reverse Morgage for my refinancing. She was a pleasure each time she called. I felt she really cared about my situation which was a unique one. She was always there when I had questions & knew all the answers. I am so glad I found her quite by accident, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me at this time in my life.

Joyce S
Lawndale, California

I have had the privilege of working with Janette Heyl on 2 different occasions. First, when I originally obtained a reverse mortgage on my home, and then again when I refinanced that loan. I can not possibly say enough about the prompt, thorough, competent service I received from Janette. I found her to be knowledgeable, patient, and thorough when answering my questions and dealing with ALL my concerns.

Paul P
San Diego, California

A line of credit reverse mortgage with low closing costs was something we had decided would give us a desirable level of security. Although we also wanted to deal face to face with a provider we found closing costs offered locally to be on the high side. We ended up choosing Good Day, located in another city, because they had substantially lower closing costs. And to our pleasant surprise doing business over the phone and by email with agent Janette Heyl was smooth and efficient. We have recently closed and thank her and the rest of Good Day staff for the excellent service.

Nathaniel H
Los Angeles, California

Janette Heyl from Good Day Reverse is one of the best and most ethical business professionals with whom I've ever worked. I come from the financial field and she is: 1) Extremely patient, kind and proficient. 2) Her knowledge of the reverse mortgage field is exceptional. 3) She has the patience of Job & is extremely easy with. 4) She's ethical & honest. 5) Unlike many in the reverse mortgage industry, she recommends consumer focused choices that don't have what in the mortgage business are called, "Junk Fees." 6) She works harder than anyone.

Rocklin, California

To Whom It May Concern, After dealing with 2 other reverse mortgage brokers firms we were dazed, confused and turned off about the process and were unsure what we would be ending up with. After reading some very positive reviews we decided to check in with this company; Good Day Reverse Mortgage, and hear what they had to offer. Janette Heyl was the representative we spoke with. She did not try to dazzle us with figures or pressure us to do anything without first considering several other options. With her help everything worked out smoothly, always keeping us in the loop and answering everything thought or concern of ours as if we were speaking with a good friend. A few days after... Read More

Marilyn P
Roseville, California

Good Day Reverse Mortgage is an excellent company to deal with. Janette Heyl was our loan person and she is so wonderful! She kept us informed of every step, walked us through the application process and just was there whenever we had a question. This was the easiest process because of Janette. I would recommend Good Day to anyone seeking a reverse mortgage. It was a pleasure doing business with them.

San Jose, California

I was initially concerned about starting this whole process, but after speaking with Janette Heyl, a Reverse Mortgage Advisor, I felt more at ease and comfortable. She explained every step to me and made sure that I fully understood everything there was to know about Reverse Mortgages. This made things less stressful for me because I knew what I was signing up for. I would wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Heyl to anyone who is considering doing a Reverse Mortgage.

Chet S
Fontana, California

Jason Heyl with Good Day Reverse Mortgage was the loan agent on my original reverse mortgage in 2014 After talking to many other companies, Jason was able to offer the best rates and service. There were a couple of huge obstacles that nearly ended the loan process. My social security number was erroneously tied to a defaulted federal housing loan. Jason worked hard and helped me clear this identity mistake from my record so my application could be submitted. Then, the appraiser called for an electrical line to be moved and the electric company said it had been installed to code and refused to move the line. Neither would back down. After detailed communication by Jason with the... Read More

Richard K
Windsor, California

I recently became interested in reverse mortgage arrangements when I learned that start up fees and costs had been reduced to affordable ranges. I began inquiries on the internet and learned also that valuable consumer protections had also been put in place in recent years. I sought information and quotations from at least four top reverse mortgage providers and completed the required counseling sessions. Other reverse mortgage companies provided a great deal more information up front online about the rules and guidelines to reverse mortgages than did GoodDay Reverse Mortgage Co. And other companies apparently had been fully vetted in the Reverse Mortgage Business longer. GoodDay... Read More

Tom C
San Diego, California

We were shopping for minimum closing costs. Initial brokers wanted over $11,500. Found Good Day on the web. Jason Heyl was our Good Day broker. He was right on top of everything. Very professional and responsive. He quoted us closing costs of $5600, half of all the other companies we had contact. On the day we signed doc he told me he was able to get a $2000 credit. That made the total closing costs $3600! Using Jason and his company was not a good day, it was a GREAT DAY! I would recommend Jason without reservation.

Curtis P
South San Francisco, California

The experience was very good. Each step of the way was clearly laid out with efficient communications and procedures. Jason was friendly and professional. We got a very good deal and ended up paying even lower fees than expected. Highly recommended.

Sandy E
Fort Bragg, California

Jason Heyl is VERY helpful & makes the process a simple as can be. I have used him twice now & highly recommend him & Good Day Reverse.