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Good Day Reverse is a mortgage company that offers discounts and several credit options for reverse mortgages. Good Day Reverse also offers no service fees and appraisal fees on their reverse mortgages in addition to no financed fees and no origination fee options.  

Services and Features

Good Day Reverse Mortgage offers several reverse mortgage programs to choose from. They include an adjustable monthly libor program, adjustable annual libor program and fixed rate program. All programs require no out-of-pocket fees excluding HUD counseling.

The company requires borrowers to undergo a mandatory FHA counseling appointment. Once a borrower has been pre-qualified and completed counseling, the company will send out an application. Once your appraisal is completed along with all necessary documentation your application will be conditionally approved in 24-48 hours. The company will move forward with your reverse mortgage loan to the final closing step. After the standard 3-day rescission period the borrower’s reverse mortgage funds.

Good Day Reverse provides an online request form to get a quick estimate on reverse mortgage rates and fees. They also provide a list of FHA approved counselors. The company offers credits and exclusive discounts with no loan processing fees. Good Day Reverse also offers next day air application delivery with 24/7 customer service.

Services and Features

Reverse Mortgage Calculator

Online Quotation


Financial Guide

Types of Reverse Mortgage

VA Loans

Single-Purpose Reverse Mortgage

Home Equity Conversion Mortgage

Proprietary Reverse Mortgage



Home Owner

Amount of Equity

Not Stated


62 Years and Older


Member of US Department of Housing and Urban Development

Member of Nation Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association

Insured by FHA

Approved by Equal Housing Opportunity

Plan Details

No Pre-Payment

No Monthly Servicing

Interest Rate

Adjustable (Monthly Libor Program) – 2.00 to 3.50%

Adjustable ( Annual Libor Program) – 2.00% to 3.75%

Fixed Rate Program – 4.50% (APR 6.01%) to 5.06% (APR 6.28%)

Closing Cost and Fees

Not Stated

Help and Support

Mobile App

Telephone Support






Monthly Libor Program


Annual Libor Program


Fixed Rate Program


Index Rate: Monthly Libor

Index Rate: Annual Libor

Current Rates Updated

Margins: 2.00 to 3.50%

Margins: 2.00% to 3.75%

Rates: 4.50% (APR 6.01%) to 5.06% (APR 6.28%)

Adjust Monthly

No Origination Fee Options

No Finance Fee Options

No Out-of-Pocket (ex. HUD Counseling)

Adjust Annually

No Origination Fee Options

No Finance Fee Options

No Out-of-Pocket (ex. HUD Counseling)

Fixed for Life of Loan

No Origination Fee Options

No Finance Fee Options

No Out-of-Pocket (ex. HUD Counseling)

Reverse Mortgage at Good Day Reverse

Good Day Reverse is a good place for discounts and low rates for reverse mortgages. Their programs help reverse mortgage borrowers get the best deal available in the market. Good Day Reverse also has options to not charge any origination, finance, appraisal and servicing fees which helps borrowers qualify for more money.

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Tom C
San Diego, California
We were shopping for minimum closing costs. Initial brokers wanted over $11,500. Found Good Day on the web. Jason Heyl was our Good Day broker. He was right on top of everything. Very professional and responsive. He quoted us closing costs of $5600, half of all the other companies we had contact. On the day we signed doc he told me he was able to get a $2000 credit. That made the total closing costs $3600! Using Jason and his company was not a good day, it was a GREAT DAY! I would recommend Jason without reservation.

Curtis P
Pacifica, California
The experience was very good. Each step of the way was clearly laid out with efficient communications and procedures. Jason was friendly and professional. We got a very good deal and ended up paying even lower fees than expected. Highly recommended.

Sandy E
Fort Bragg, California
Jason Heyl is VERY helpful & makes the process a simple as can be. I have used him twice now & highly recommend him & Good Day Reverse.

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