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Powtoon Presentation Software Review

Rating: 5.6 / 10 (Average)
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Powtoon is a presentation software that place emphasis on the creation of animations to produce more visually appealing presentations. Powtoon gives users the ability to create animations by letting them manipulate objects and images. Animated elements are combined with music, narration or videos to create “movie” like presentations instead of slide-decks.  A free version with limited features is available while its full version comes as a paid subscription offer.



Clicking on the “Start Now” button gives you the option to create a new presentation by choosing a pre-configured Powtoon or start from scratch. You can choose from a variety of templates that can be easily edited to include new elements for your presentation. This includes a “compare and contrast” template for marketing purposes.

Upon deciding which template to use, you can now proceed with creating your presentation through an editing window. Look and feel is similar to PowerPoint albeit the noticeable lack of advanced editing features. A media library containing images, preconfigured animated elements, backgrounds and speech bubbles could be accessed at the right side of the screen. For a more personalized presentation, you could easily import additional elements such as videos or images. Additional controls are provided for transitions and text animation.


Powtoon shines in creating animations. It has made this simpler but comes with a price. Slides are only 20 seconds long and some advanced editing features are visibly missing. Preconfigured animations are limited to a few dozen whereas other competitors offer hundreds of ready-made animations.


Transition effects are fun and engaging. There are a couple of available effects that makes for smoother transitions. Powtoon may not have the full-range of editing features that PowerPoint users have become accustomed to but it excels in animation creation and transitions. Including animations in a slide is as simple as dropping elements on the screen.  






Slides Pro

Slides Basic

Slides Pro

Slides Pro

Remove Watermark + Outro








File Download

No download

HD download

Full HD download

Commercial Rights


For your business only

3rd party transfer rights

Premium Support




Royalty Free Music

10 tunes

20 tunes


Royalty Free Styles

11 styles

18 styles

24 styles

Max Length

Up to 5 minutes

Up to 15 minutes

HD 60 minutes/ Full HD 8 minutes

3 Months Free Wistia Account






There’s not much in terms of compatibility with other presentation software. All is pretty much in-house so you have to basically create presentations within the software. Of course standard features include the ability to import multimedia files (videos, images and sound).


Ease of Use

Getting started with Powtoon is quick and simple. Powtoon is a web-based service so no download is necessary. Powtoon makes it easy even for beginners to create animated presentation with customized templates and pre-created objects. It also has an excellent knowledge base that contains information on how to get started with your presentations. Powtoon lets user add new elements by simple drag and drop actions.




$59 per month (monthly, low commitment)  

$19 per month (billed annually)


$127 per month (monthly, low commitment)

$59 per month (billed annually)


Summary – PowToon Presentation Software

Powtoon certainly makes presentations easier on the eyes and more appealing by taking advantage of animations in creating presentations. Although this is not something new and is offered by other presentation software, Powtoon has made it simple even for the inexperienced. But because of its simplicity, the software also suffers from the lack of advanced presentation features. Powtoon is ideal for creating simple presentations on the go or for those with little or no experience with presentation software.  However, seasoned presenters should consider using more robust presentation software included in our top list. 

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Customer Comments & Reviews

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Jasonus E
New York, New York
I'm frustrated enough with the software to write this review, giving it 3 stars for its potential not necessarily its current performance. The nice thing about powtoon is that it's easy to use and learn, especially if you're familiar with timeline based film editing. You can make videos pretty quickly and the the cons are that there's not too much flexibility and like others have said, the videos can be pretty formulaic. I mean if you're creative and if you really put some time into your animations like you should you can still make great videos, but I am absolutely fed up with the bugs in the software. It takes FOREVER to export the videos, and multiple occasions I've had exported... Read More

San Antonio, Texas
At first I was excited to use this software, it was great! I spent many many hours into creating my presentation and then the next day I attempted to export it. DID NOT WORK!!! everything worked fine right up until the day of my very VERY important presentation (but then again my fault for relying on supposedly one of the top presentation making sites). I figure, okay exporting doesn't work so ill just present using the on site player. NOPE!! The site is not loading my presentation at all anymore. It's almost as if it knew when I needed the presentation the most just so it would fail on me even though the many hours troubleshooting. I Contacted customer support and they attempted to... Read More

Andi M
Fullerton, California
Thought it was great initially. Even has an auto save feature. Put in about 6 hours of work. Saved it and everything. Log in on Monday and it's the old version of my presentation. All the information was completely lost. They tried to recover it, but couldn't. Don't waste your time with PowToon - look into other applications/platforms. Now I'm forced to start from scratch and invest unnecessary time after hours because I have don't have time during work hours. I'm incredibly upset to say the least and wish I had never used this application.

Top Rated
9.5 / 10
  • Super Themes, built-in variations
  • SkyDrive integration
  • Cloud friendly, save and access your files from any device
  • Touch-friendly sized buttons
  • Collaborate with multiple users  in a single presentation
  • Insert online media directly (images, sound, YouTube, Facebook)